Kuku FM 2.2.2 (Premium Unlocked)

Kuku FM
NameKuku FM
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PublisherKuku FM
Size19 MB
RequiresAndroid 5.0
Version2.2.2 (build 20202)
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked

Download Kuku FM Premium MOD APK to listen to audiobooks, read good biographies, learn about Indian literature and many other on the world.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Kuku FM
    1. Audiobooks, a new generation of reading tools
    2. What is Kuku FM?
    3. Audiobook Summary – Kuku FM’s magical ability

Introduce about Kuku FM

The most complete Indian audiobook with extra subtle summary.

Audiobooks, a new generation of reading tools

Literature and philosophy are two things that have nourished human civilization for millions of years. And the fastest, most profound way to know about the generational civilization is to read books. Technology has given us a new ability to make reading faster, more convenient, and easier to read. Those are the Audiobook apps.

Unfortunately, each audiobook application always has its pros and cons. Each will specialize in a certain area or some book genre. And if you are looking to learn more about Indian literature or literary works originating and inspired by Buddha’s homeland, then use Kuku FM.

What is Kuku FM?

Kuku FM is the most popular Audiobook app in India. You have more than 10 categories of Audio Books to explore and learn, from topics related to Science, Economics, Motivation, Management, Psychology to more abstract aspects like Horror, Love, with more than 10,000 titles and is being updated continuously every day.

Using Kuku FM, you can find any book in every category. Not only according to the topics I just mentioned above, but also the Most Read, Newest, Most Loved… Classics and brand new books like Think and Grow Rich | Chanakya Niti | Swami Vivekananda | स्वामी विवेकनन्द are all here.

Audiobook Summary – Kuku FM’s magical ability

There are a few people these days who can read very many books. Even if you have a huge bookshelf at home, there are probably a few sections that are used for decoration (me too). Even if you have an Audiobook, the normal reading speed that can be absorbed in a day is probably about a few hundred pages, which means you have to only focus on listening, not working, not talking to anyone. To chat with friends, to summarize a lot of information from the book at the same time, Kuku FM has brought a feature that I find extremely magical: Audiobook summary! Wow!

With this feature, you just need to select any book available in the application library and listen to it in less than 30 minutes. The book summary is extremely short, concise, and full of all the information, which both saves you time and provides all the necessary knowledge, simply and pleasantly.

Kuku FM offers a smarter alternative to traditional reading- Audiobook Summary! Choose from a collection of over 10,000 famous books and listen in less than 30 minutes! Audiobook Summary not only saves you time but also gives you all the knowledge you need in a simple way! Enjoy popular books from various categories like motivation, self-reliance, spirituality, and business in your language.

Let me prove to you that a lot of users are using this magical feature: here is a list of the most summarized Audiobooks on the Kuku FM app: Rich Dad Poor Dad | रिच डैड पुअर डैड, The Power of Habit | पॉवर ऑफ़ हैबिट, Success Through Positive Mental Attitude | सक्सेस थ्रू ए पॉजिटिव, Secret | द सीक्रेट, Small Habits | मिनी हैबिट्स… All are classic books and if you read each page you have to spend a lot of time and attention.

Kuku FM APK (MOD Premium Unlocked) v2.2.2