RedBox TV 2.1 (No Ads)

RedBox TV
NameRedBox TV
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RequiresAndroid 4.0
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Enjoy all over 1000 top TV channels in 20 countries around the world on RedBox TV MOD APK. This app is fast, smooth, no lag and no ads.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about RedBox TV
    1. What is RedBox TV?
    2. The best TV streaming app for Android
    3. RedBox TV brings the world of entertainment to your home
    4. User-friendly interface
    5. Supports multiple video players
    6. Is RedBox TV safe for Android devices?
  2. MOD APK version of RedBox TV
    1. MOD feature
  3. Download RedBox TV MOD APK for Android

    Introduce about RedBox TV

    What is RedBox TV?

    RedBox TV is an application that streaming online TV channels for Android devices. This application is completely free for users, allowing you to enjoy unlimited TV channels in all countries, languages and genres in SD and HD quality. That means, as long as your phone has a stable internet connection, you can enjoy any live TV channel.

    The app doesn’t charge a user fee, but the developer makes a profit by placing ads on the app’s screen. You may feel annoyed when being bothered by advertisements while enjoying your favorite TV channels.

    The best TV streaming app for Android

    Why do I say RedBox TV is the best app for Android? First, RedBox TV has more than 1000 top TV channels in different countries. You can easily search for your favorite TV channels based on country, content, and category. If you love sports, open channels ESPN, Tyc Sports, Premier Sports 1, Sky Sports to enjoy the most exciting matches in the Premier League and other exciting sports like pants racket, basketball, baseball, WWE, … Are you interested in politics? Channels like CNN, BBC are the top choices for you.

    Second, RedBox TV has a large network of servers, so you can enjoy great content without worrying about network congestion or your screen is always “loading”. This is an issue that makes many people dislike using TV streaming apps, as very few apps work really smoothly. You know, it doesn’t feel good at all when the app is interrupted at a time when a soccer match is extremely thrilling and dramatic. RedBox TV works really smoothly. Its developers really care about the performance of the app, making it run well on Android devices, including mid and low-end devices.

    Besides, the application also does not block any countries, so you can watch any channel you love without having to use a VPN.

    Pocket TV and ThopTV are also TV streaming apps you should try.

    RedBox TV brings the world of entertainment to your home

    Besides watching movies, TV channels also bring us extremely rewarding and interesting programs. Many people like to watch a favorite TV channel, because programs are always changing in each showtimes, giving them lots of information and interesting content. RedBox TV will bring you more than 1000 TV channels with all genres you love.

    The application allows you to create a list of favorite channels so that you do not spend a lot of time searching. When the app was switched to Child Mode, TV channels with inappropriate content for children were completely removed, with a preference for channels like Cartoon Network or Disney Channel appearing on the home screen.

    User-friendly interface

    To help users quickly find their favorite TV channel, RedBox TV has a very simple interface, bringing convenience to the user. You can easily see outstanding channels, sorted by categories such as Sports, News, Movie, Animal World, …

    Supports multiple video players

    You can play RedBox TV content on many third-party video players like Yes Player, XML player, XYZ Player, Android player, MX Player, Web player, Lococast player. According to user reviews, the app works best on XYZ Player. You can also set a player as the default so that the app automatically plays using that player every time you open a channel.

    Is RedBox TV safe for Android devices?

    Many users doubt RedBox TV because this application is not available on Google Play. But don’t worry, this is just a regular TV streaming application. A lot of useful apps for users are not available on Google Play, and I think this app doesn’t harm for your Android device.

    MOD APK version of RedBox TV

    MOD feature

    • No Ads
    • Remove banners
    • Disable Analytics

    Download RedBox TV MOD APK for Android

    With only 10MB, you can bring the world of TV channels to your Android phone. RedBox TV is the best, lightest, fastest and smoothest online TV streaming app you can find for your Android phone. The app also doesn’t require you to sign up for an account, you just need to download, open it and use.

    RedBox TV APK (MOD No Ads) v2.1