Resso 1.48.1 (Premium Unlocked)

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RequiresAndroid 5.0
Version1.48.1 (build 10470110)
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Please download and use Resso MOD APK (VIP Unlock) on MODXP for free, an online music streaming app for Android phones.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Resso
    1. Connect with others
    2. The great music player for Android phones
    3. Discover new content
    4. Create quotes and share them with friends
    5. Supports multiple languages

Introduce about Resso

Deezer Music Player, Spotify or Pandora are the top music players for Android. They have powerful tools to make your music experience better. Meanwhile, trends and new music around the world are constantly being updated, giving you access to the most interesting and new content every day. But besides these three apps, Resso is also very popular, especially in the Indian region.

Connect with others

Resso has a built-in commenting feature that lets you connect and share your feelings with other fans.

Specifically, you can read or write and post a comment for a song when you in play mode. There, the most recent comments will be displayed. You can see what people think about it, then share your thoughts like commenting on posts on social media.

This feature is one of the highlights of Resso compared to other music applications. You can also like or reply to other people’s comments. I really like it, what about you?

The great music player for Android phones

If your need is simply looking for a music player to listen to music, replacing your device’s default player, Resso is also a great choice. The music player interface of the application is quite convenient and contains detailed information about the song. You can view the lyrics, background image, artist, album information of the current song intuitively.

Besides, other information such as number of likes, comments or shares are also displayed. This data source is, of course, created in Resso, by logged-in and interactive users.

Resso also includes a few other features, allowing you to move tracks forward, back. In advanced mode, you can create your own playlist (playlist), favorites list, shuffle or timer off. Of course, default apps don’t have this, and even content filtering can be tricky. Resso will solve that problem through filters. You can select songs by artist, release time, albums and more!

Discover new content

At the home page of the application, you can find a lot of new content. These music are updated according to trends, newly released songs, songs of famous or most popular singers. Of course, these content will appear depending on your preferences. Explore genres of Pop, Rock, Rap music. Enjoy vocals from top famous singers like Ed Sheeran or Lady Gaga.

In addition, Resso also often creates Playlist, Radio by topic and introduces you. As a result, you can discover a lot more new content!

Create quotes and share them with friends

Besides the aforementioned features, Resso also supports you to create quotes based on available lyrics. You can select the lyrics of the song, then add suitable fonts and available background in the application. After that, the quote will be saved as an image, you can share it on social networks or with your friends through the contact.

However, Resso will put their logo in quotes. If you want to remove the logo, you will have to subscribe to the premium plan offered by the developer.

Supports multiple languages

Of course, you can also set the language and region to access more relevant content. Resso supports English, Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali and Marathi languages.

Resso APK ([VIP Unlocked]) v1.48.1
Resso APK v1.48.1