Smule 9.0.1 (VIP Unlocked)

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Version9.0.1 (build 8870)
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Download Smule MOD APK to satisfy your singing passion every day. About Smule Do you love music? Do you like to sing your favourite songs on your own

Table of contents
  1. About Smule
    1. Hottest top songs
    2. Singing with your idol
    3. Many unique filters
    4. Connect with friends

About Smule

Do you love music? Do you like to sing your favourite songs on your own phone? If your answer is “yes”, this application can help you do many things with your voice. With Smule, you can sing and create music videos with friends of the new and hottest songs. In particular, you can sing with your own idols in their own hits. Is it hard to believe? But that is absolutely possible.

Hottest top songs

An indispensable thing for music applications, especially karaoke, is the richness and variety of songs. This application too. Smule owns millions of the best and hottest songs and is always updated with new songs every day. From classic and old songs such as Killing Me Softly With His Song, I Will Survive, How Am I Supposed To Live Without You, … to hit songs like Despacito, Shape of You, Closer, etc. All are updated on the list. And of course, they are completely free.

Besides the famous songs, this huge playlist is also divided into different genres for you to easily distinguish and choose. These include country music, Pop-Ballads, Rock’n’Roll, etc. Even popular soundtracks are updated. Now, you can freely choose the music you love and enjoy your passion for singing.

Singing with your idol

Besides the huge number of songs, Smule also incorporates a voice enhancement technology. It allows you to perfectly express your favourite song. With the use of studio-quality voice filters, your voice is not inferior to professional singers. Even after listening to the recording, I can confidently sing in The Voice.

In addition to the excellent sound quality, Smule also allows you to be able to duet with your own idols. You have the chance to sing with your favourite singers like Shawn Mendes, Taylor Swift, ZAYN, … Have you ever imagined singing with Shawn Mendes the song Senorita? This great application can help your dream come true.

Many unique filters

In Smule, you can sing in two ways, sing live and sing recordings. Each way presents a unique style and offers great music experiences. After each song is live, the system will score for you. Each of your recordings is professional music videos if you edit them well.

In addition to adjusting the voice with filters, you can add bubble effects, fireworks, … to make the videos more beautiful and delicate. A high-quality music video and you are the main singers of the song. Don’t forget to pin them to your profile interface and share it with your friends.

Connect with friends

Smule allows you to connect with friends on Facebook. What’s more wonderful than you sing with your friends to sing karaoke together and share music interests. You can sing with your friends to find who gets a higher score. It is also a great way to make friendship more engaged. In addition, you can interact with each other through self-recorded music videos. Connect with them by commenting or dropping hearts with the videos they share.

I believe that music is not only to enjoy merely but above all, it brings people closer together. Music does not distinguish between language, culture, country, … When people share, discover, join and connect with each other, all barriers are broken and everyone is equal. It can be said, Smule links everyone in the world through music.

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