Spotify Lite (Premium Unlocked)

NameSpotify Lite
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Size9 MB
Version1.9.0.2186 (build 48314)
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked

Want to use Spotify Premium but your device is too weak? Spotify Lite MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) is exactly the solution you are looking for.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Spotify Lite
    1. Optimized for Android devices
    2. Listen to your favourite music
    3. Discover
    4. Other attractive features
    5. But it also has some limitations

Introduce about Spotify Lite

Surely the world’s leading music player, Spotify, is no stranger to you, especially to who love music. This is one of the applications that allow users to listen to copyrighted music online with the best quality. The quality of Spotify is unquestionable, but the only downside is that it is quite heavy, not suitable for devices with low configuration or when you have an unstable network connection, so the experience of songs is not good. To overcome this disadvantage as well as optimize for users, the developer has released a lighter version is Spotify Lite, which suitable for more devices, and it allows users can listen to music anywhere. You can listen to your favourite song even when have a low network connection.

Optimized for Android devices

In accordance with the developer criteria, this lite version only has a small size (only 15MB when the installation is completed), much lighter than the original version (with a size of up to 100M). However, because it is a shortened version, many features have been removed including some basic features. But, if you just find a tool to connect to the world of music, I think that’s more than enough.

Listen to your favourite music

Developed on the basis of Spotify, the king in the field of online music streaming, so this Lite version, although compact, still has the ability to provide users with an endless free music store. Just like the original version, all the music is copyrighted, high quality. It always updated with new, hot, trending songs to help users find the songs they love faster.

Like regular music streaming services, you can find any song by entering the name of the song, artist or albums into the search box at the top of the application. At the push of a button, Spotify Lite will perform queries and display all search results (including relevant results and suggestions). With Spotify Lite, you can explore a wide variety of music genres that suit your mood and purpose such as US-UK, K-Pop, classic, romantic music, etc.


This Lite version has the ability to rely on your listening habits and history to automatically suggest songs of the same genre, then aggregate them into a playlist. These playlists are categorized according to various criteria such as genre, singer, new trends, updates or according to different moods. This will help you discover many interesting songs in your favourite genre. Me personally, after a period of experience, I got to know some singers that I never knew, they had a warm voice and suit my music taste.

Other attractive features

When using Spotify Lite, users can still create their own personal Playlist, download it and share a lot of songs with others. Besides, you can track the data used. If you don’t have a lot of 3G / 4G bandwidth, set a data limit and the app will automatically send notifications to the device when you are about to reach that limit. Also when using this version, freeing up space on the device is also easier and simpler.

But it also has some limitations

The first point I am not satisfied with this Lite version is that the Premium account does not bring many really outstanding features, although users have to pay to experience it. If in the original version, when the account is upgraded, you will have the right to create a playlist and play the previously selected songs. With a free account, users will enjoy songs in the song mixing mode. In the Premium version of Spotify Lite, even if the user has upgraded the account, it is not possible to create a playlist, so you still have to listen in mixing mode. The application will automatically play any songs related to the original search results. If you want to play another song or podcast, you have to do it manually.

Another point, I often see in the Lite version of many other applications will allow users to work or play offline to facilitate the move (in where you don’t have a good internet connection) and consume less data capacity. However, the Lite version of Spotify does not yet have this feature. You can’t listen to music at the highest quality and can’t use Spotify Connect feature, meaning that it will not be possible to play music from one device to another.

Spotify Lite APK ([Premium]) v1.9.0.353
Spotify Lite APK v1.9.0.2186