Storybeat 3.1.4 (Pro Unlocked)

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Version3.1.4 (build 30103)
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Storybeat MOD APK is the best-rated app available today for inserting music into your videos and pictures, with most simply and rhythmically way.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Storybeat
    1. Selfie is an art, and the selfier is an artist
    2. What does Storybeat bring to you?
    3. Post-production after adding music and sound
    4. Besides adding music, you can also edit photos and videos with Storybeat
  2. MOD APK version of Storybeat
    1. MOD feature
  3. Download Storybeat MOD APK for Android

    Introduce about Storybeat

    Easily add music and sound to your Story

    Selfie is an art, and the selfier is an artist

    You can tell me to exaggerate or whatever. But selfie, in my opinion, looks at the broader aspect, it has an absolutely positive meaning. It helps you to have more energy, love your life more, bring all new information and keep the connection between people to people when geographical circumstances do not allow it.

    And of course, “artists” are always creative and have lots of concerns. Selfie experts like you and me, I am constantly updating new paths, new trends and do everything to make the images and videos in my stories more sparkle and deep as possible.

    And mixed with those concerns is sometimes the question: the video is already there, the image is ready, but something is missing, we need a piece of music or some good sound for background. If you have this question in mind, I think you should remember the keyword “Storybeat”.

    What does Storybeat bring to you?

    Storybeat is an application that adds music to videos and photos, simple, easy to use, but the results are surprisingly smooth and refined.

    Storybeat’s first attraction is in the huge music library available with millions of songs from top artists around the world, with many different styles of music such as pop, rock, rap, trap, electronic, R&B, country … This library is also updated daily, so almost any music from old times you want to have is ready.

    The next attraction is in the simple feature set that has the martial arts of Storybeat. Not merely inserting music is done. Storybeat is exactly adding sound to pictures and online video, including music, sound, voice, and other special sounds.

    This means that when using Storybeat, in addition to the available music library, you can record your voice to add to the story, you can upload a certain sound from the phone library or a sound file in the application bar you currently have on your PC. Almost all popular audio file formats are well compatible with Storybeat.

    Post-production after adding music and sound

    Once you’ve added your photos and videos, you can also further refine the inserted audio. For example, speeding up, decelerating, fading out, fading in, joining two or more different pieces of music into one, creating transitions between two segments, filtering noise for the voice to be captured, large and small adjustments to the sound quality…

    Or more nicely, you can create surreal video stories with stop motion effects by the rhythm in Storybeat. That is, when using the songs available in the library, depending on the melody, you can make your video display in stop motion format (as in animation) according to each touch of that tune. This is a feature I particularly like. It makes the video look like a stylish new shirt.

    Hear where coming soon the producer also enhances horizontal and vertical effects for videos and zooms and enlarges the picture according to the music tune. If there is this, like a tiger with wings, everything will be even more interesting and lively.

    Besides adding music, you can also edit photos and videos with Storybeat

    And just now I just talked about the sound part, which is also the main role of Storybeat. But what about the supporting roles, is there a job like adding music just now? The answer is yes, and there are many. When using Storybeat, you do not need to add it, then go back to another app to edit and adjust the clip. Because the main tuning features are available in this app.

    Storybeat has a rich library of built-in effects to help you layout your images and videos when displayed on the story functions of social networks. And when you need to embellish a simple image for a story you can also do it straight on Storybeat. Of course, it cannot be compared with the series of specialized photo editing features on simple story editing apps, but with 80% of user needs just basic, Storybeat can completely meet.

    Post-production in Storybeat is even more powerful when equipped with more graceful stickers and frames for upcoming video and photo works. Just one touch, one finger, you can edit your Story. Quite beneficial and attractive.

    MOD APK version of Storybeat

    MOD feature

    Pro Unlocked

    Download Storybeat MOD APK for Android

    So, within a few simple touches of the screen, you have a perfect Story for Instagram and Facebook, both in terms of images, sound and effects. It is important that all of this happens within a neat, simple, easy-to-use app like this one. What are you waiting for? Let’s download Storybeat to use now.

    Storybeat APK (Pro Unlocked) v3.1.4