This Is the Police 2: Become a true detective 1.0.21 (Unlimited Money)

NameThis Is the Police 2: Become a true detective
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RequiresAndroid 6.0
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money

When I was a little boy, I always wanted to be the police. I admire the police officers in town and want to wear a police suit, take part in the job of

Table of contents
  1. Discover the plot
    1. Employee training
      1. Strategy to confront crime
        1. Graphics
          1. Conclude
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              Discover the plot

              As mentioned above, This Is the Police 2 takes you to the cold and harsh town of Sharpwood. This is where the year-round is covered with dense white snow. However, what encompasses this city is not merely a blizzard, but it is where crime and evil are dominating. Anyone in the town can be criminals, from the notorious gangs of smuggling, gangsters or arms trafficking, …

              This is the Police 2 Graphics

              As a police chief who loves justice and responsibility, you can’t let this go on any longer. Your task is to partner with an escaped criminal named Jack Boyd to find a perfect crime elimination strategy. However, it is an extremely difficult task and any negligence puts you and the police force in danger. Therefore, everything is put on the shoulders of intelligent and talented commanders.

              Employee training

              This Is the Police 2 gives you the most experience about every aspect of the police profession. Like any other profession, the police also have evils and individuals with many bad habits. In order to capture criminals, you must first strictly manage your subordinates. Acts such as drinking all night, refusing to obey orders, … are absolutely prohibited for the police industry. Therefore, you must be strict with them to own the most powerful and effective police force.

              This is the Police 2 Screenshot

              This Is the Police 2 has elements of a management game. In addition to strictly managing the consciousness of your subordinates, you also need to consider the different strengths/weaknesses of each person. There are people who good at scouting, some people good at shooting or tracking criminals, … Therefore, you should carefully research your subordinates to give them appropriate tasks. Remember, the job of a police officer is always in danger, so do not put your teammates in danger, especially death.

              Strategy to confront crime

              We can call This is the Police 2 a management game, a puzzle game, a strategy game or a visual novel game with a compelling storyline and depth. All are completely correct. All these factors gave the player an overview of the police profession. And it would be flawed to talk about the police but skip the process of investigating and arresting criminals. This is the most important work, requiring a sharp mind and strategies.

              This is the Police 2 Cases

              As a sheriff, you can become Sherlock Holmes in the investigation of evidence gathering and organized crime arrests. Be careful and make sure in every action because your enemies are dangerous criminals. Don’t rely on Sharpwood’s legal system. If suspects are declared innocent, find the mistakes of the courts and the judges. Trust me! When the truth is clear, only you can bring peace to Sharpwood from criminals.


              This Is the Police 2 has 3D graphics with realistic context and completely close to life. The image of Sharpwood town and the dramatic scenes in the game will take players into a completely different world, which a world of crime and justice.


              A unique combination of puzzle, strategy, management and simulation genres, This Is the Police 2 will bring you closer to the world of justice and crime. More specifically, the game follows a fascinating and adventurous storyline in which you are the protagonist. Now it’s time to play the sheriff and uncover the crime scene at Sharpwood. What are you waiting for? Download this game now and enjoy it!

              Download This Is the Police 2: Become a true detective MOD APK for Android (Latest version)

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