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Version1.3.8v (build 37)
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VivaTV MOD APK brings you the latest TV shows and movies in high quality. Download the app here!

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about VivaTV
    1. Watching movies and TV shows on mobile
    2. What is VivaTV?
    3. Why is VivaTV superior to other similar types and worth using?
    4. Outstanding features of VivaTV
    5. Friendly, easy-to-use, and modern interface

Introduce about VivaTV

Watch high-quality movies and TV shows for free with no ads!

Watching movies and TV shows on mobile

You can choose to use YouTube for Movies or TV shows, but there will be thousands of other contents available on here. You can choose to watch cable TV, but not everyone can sit in front of the TV all day. So, what should we do? The fastest and easiest way is to watch TV shows and movies via an app that specializes in this genre right on your mobile phone.

The difficulty is that there are many such applications. Just choosing a suitable, lightweight, simple, optimal app to use takes a lot of time. And when you finally choose your favorite one, you may have to pay for advanced watching. You know, most of the free TV and movie watching apps have tons of ads, disturbing us a lot when watching an episode.

Not to mention login is also quite difficult, annoying. Some apps, even by the registration process, retrieve your personal information and send a batch of advertisements to your other personal accounts. You see, a lot of problems arise around a very basic need: watching movies and TV shows on mobile.

What is VivaTV?

Up to now, the application for watching high-quality movies and TV shows smoothly, which is free to use and even always says no to ads, is trusted by many people around the world, ranked top on Google Play, is VivaTV.

VivaTV is a mobile application that allows you to watch high-quality movies and TV shows for free, updated regularly, and also comes with many practical features for the users. The app is compatible with Android devices, Amazon Fire TV, Nvidia Shield…

Why is VivaTV superior to other similar types and worth using?

VivaTV works on the principle of collecting and gathering data from websites hosting movies and TV shows into one place for users to search, and finally displaying these video formats from the above-mentioned web sources. Because of the collection and playback mechanism, the number of videos on VivaTV is extremely large. You imagine, for example, VivaTV collects data on dozens of web sources, a source has only 100 movies, you may have about 1000 movies to watch. Incredible, right? But it can, on VivaTV. That is also the reason that VivaTV always has the most up-to-date source of movies and programs.

Outstanding features of VivaTV

First, we can find any movie or TV show we want to watch, and their quality are all from 1080p to 4K

VivaTV’s AI-powered filter acts as both a search engine for good movies and shows to include in the app’s general library, as well as an efficient search engine for users. There are many ways to search for your favorite videos on VivaTV such as by typing keyword, program series name, producer, director, actor… Just type in characters, you will immediately receive a series of keywords relevant for further searching. With the huge amount of data collected from web sources, this application has created such a clear and precise search system, which is something not all video-watching applications can do.

Next, the Trakt feature helps keep track of each movie/show you’re watching 

It also helps to categorize by category lists that are easy to find and continue to watch in your current watch list, viewing history, movies, or shows you have marked “Like”. No matter what you’re doing on VivaTV (watching movies, scanning through program titles, or ticking notifications for your favorite TV shows, etc.), you’ll never get confused or can’t follow the sequels. Everything done is clearly displayed in categories available on the app’s Home page. Just go into the app and everything will appear right away, you can continue what you just did easily.

VivaTV supports Real-debrid, Alldebrid, Premiumize technology

These are high-tech technologies that make video quality once again smoother and more standardized. You probably don’t need to know what the VivaTV team has done to fine-tune this app based on new technologies. Just know we’re getting the best, most up-to-date results for mobile video viewing. And that is exactly what you are looking for in an application of this type, isn’t it?

Friendly, easy-to-use, and modern interface 

All activities and displays are designed in a minimalist style, with white text on a black background and with red highlights. The features are brought out, directly in the most visible place. The operation steps of using are very few, very fast, and very easy to understand. Adults or children can use VivaTV comfortably. This is also one of the great advantages compared to other TV watching applications.

In the latest version, VivaTV even offers up to 15 different languages ​​such as English, French, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Spanish, German, Hindi, Persian, Tamil, Marathi, Malayalam, and Telegu. Wherever you come from, you can find the right language for you.

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VivaTV APK ([No Ads]) v1.3.8v