Yandex Music 2021.10.1 (Plus Subscription)

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NameYandex Music
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PublisherYandex Apps
Size27 MB
Version2021.10.1 (build 24021406)
MOD FeaturesPlus Subscription

Yandex Music MOD APK (Unlocked Plus) gives you great music experiences. Download the app and install it onto your Android phone today.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Yandex Music
    1. Discover trending songs
    2. Discover new songs
    3. Podcast
    4. Enjoy copyrighted music
    5. Download and experience offline

Introduce about Yandex Music

Yandex is the largest technology group in Russia. They provide digital services and develop the most popular Yandex search engine in the region. And Yandex Music is one of the most popular music players for Android. You can listen to music and get personalized recommendations at a glance.

Yandex Music works on the Freemium model. If you want to use premium services, you will have to subscribe to the developer’s subscription plan. You can also use the MOD APK version that we provide if you do not want to lose any costs.

Like other online music and streaming players, Yandex Music has a crawler. Thanks to that, the application can synthesize and statistic the list of the most popular songs. If you want to explore them, select “Hits” at the My broadcast interface.

Note that the trend will change continuously. So today you can listen to a song, tomorrow you can listen to another song, or you won’t even find it in Yandex Music’s trending songs. If you want to listen to a song later, you can add it to your favorites or playlists later.

Discover new songs

One of the reasons that Yandex Music is so popular is that the content update speed is very fast. You can check for new content every day at the app’s homepage or sub-categories.

Yandex Music also recommends playlists that match your favorite moods and genres based on music playback and search history. That way, you always have “something” to listen.

In addition, this application is also considered a great platform for singers to release their albums and singles. Follow Yandex Music and your idols right now!


Sometimes, if you want to change what you want to listen to, you can find millions of podcasts in Yandex Music. There are a ton of popular podcasters and speakers that broadcast their shows on the platform.

When you access the “Podcasts” category, you can find recently released podcasts and podcasts that are most popular. You can also quickly check if people liked it by looking at the “likes” count below each podcast.

You can also find podcasts by topic. Yandex Music has built-in playlists at the bottom for you to choose and listen to.

Enjoy copyrighted music

The content, when posted on Yandex Music, is strictly controlled. As a result, you can find the most trending, popular, new, and popular content.

Developers are also very interested in the audience’s experience, so Yandex Music also has an “editor’s choice” section. Music, podcasts have all been carefully screened to provide you with the most enjoyable listening experience!

Download and experience offline

The app requires an internet connection to stream music. But sometimes the internet is not available with your device, so you will no longer be able to use the service. But don’t worry, Yandex Music allows you to download music files and play in offline mode. The downloaded music is located in the “download” folder of the library.

Yandex Music also works as a music player. You can import music files into the app and play them from within the app.

Yandex Music APK ([Plus Subscription]) v2021.10.1