Airplane Chefs 3.0.2 (Unlimited Money)

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RequiresAndroid 6.0
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Airplane Chefs MOD APK will bring you a new experience in the role of the chef and the waitress on a flight. Download it now!

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Airplane Chefs
    1. Cooking game with novelty
    2. From curiosity to addiction
    3. Don’t forget that time and each guest’s satisfaction are always important criteria
    4. The richness is also the attractive aspect
  2. MOD APK version of Airplane Chefs
    1. MOD feature
  3. Download Airplane Chefs MOD APK for Android

    Introduce about Airplane Chefs

    Experience mastering a small kitchen on a premium passenger plane

    Cooking game with novelty

    Cooking comes in many forms. Just being a chef in any space has brought a lot of different feelings. What’s more, this is cooking on a luxury plane. The experience is surely special.

    Airplane Chefs MOD by MODXP

    Airplane Chefs is a simulation game from the publisher Nordcurrent. The game is famous for its unique career context, and realistic, creative simulation. Despite not being too different from other job simulation games, it was a strange opening that made many people come to the game with curiosity.

    From curiosity to addiction

    In this game, you will play as the Chef of a luxury commercial plane. You can cook delicious food, and attractive desserts according to each guest’s request and serve them quickly right on the plane.

    The common feature of these cooking games, as you know, is always a smooth combination of cooking skills and the player’s time management ability. The difference here is that all the scenes are taken place on the plane. Remember this is a luxury commercial aircraft with all VIP guests, so all individual’s requirements for dining are unique. Briefly, having sat on this plane, you can eat whatever you want, if it’s on the flight’s available menu.

    There is no canned food reheated and served in bulk like we usually see in economy class cabins. On this special aircraft, you will experience a rich culinary journey through the different and strict requirements of the passengers on board. You will have the opportunity to know, experience, and make with your own hands a variety of delicious, famous dishes all over the world.

    Airplane Chefs screenshot

    So, it’s not wrong to say that the experience in Airplane Chefs is very addictive. From the initial curiosity because of the strange role of the chef, until you really admire the dishes (thereby learning how to cook) yourself, will bring you to other interesting emotions together. The addiction starts here.

    Don’t forget that time and each guest’s satisfaction are always important criteria

    With a career simulation game, the element of time management is always up with the ability to perform professionally. No matter how well you do, how good the cooking is, if the finished dish is too slow, that’s not qualified. Playing Airplane Chefs, you will realize speed is the deciding factor to win.

    Initially, the number of dishes required was not too much, and each dish itself was quite simple such as Spaghetti, Hamburger, Rice Roll. But later, each person has increased ideas, the number of orders also appears intertwined, not at the same time, the dishes are also diverse. This will force the main chef (you), to constantly manage in your small kitchen to serve each person right, enough, and on time. The arms are constantly raised to signal a new order, the notes are constantly appearing, making you work immediately. Just a minute of distraction will miss one or a few orders right away.

    The richness is also the attractive aspect

    In the process of working to accumulate points, don’t forget to upgrade recipes, get more materials and tools, so that the dishes are rich and diverse, serving many complex needs. The more complex your food is, the more points in the eyes of passengers can be.

    The game has hundreds of different cooking levels. Each level is super fun and full of excitement. You will also have the opportunity to admire an attractive collection of decorations and cooking ingredients through your upgrades.

    Airplane Chefs for Android

    There is also the opportunity to travel to all different places from Sydney to London, Singapore, or New York. At each place, you can see the majestic scenery from the air and have yourself a lot of new emotions. And if you are passionate about cooking, then playing Airplane Chefs, you will be extremely happy to have the kitchen on a premium passenger plane on your own.

    MOD APK version of Airplane Chefs

    MOD feature

    Unlimited Money: You will have unlimited Gems.

    Download Airplane Chefs MOD APK for Android

    This game is colorful with vivid 2D images. The dishes are attractive, and detailed despite the small and moderate size. The movements and sounds are just right, smooth, and always bring positive energy. What a strange and extremely worth playing cooking simulation game.

    Airplane Chefs APK ([Money]) v3.0.2
    Airplane Chefs APK v3.0.2