Arrow War 2.1 (One Hit)

NameArrow War
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Size39 MB
RequiresAndroid 4.4
Version2.1 (build 96)
MOD FeaturesOne Hit

Arrow War MOD APK is a strategy game that combines tower defense on mobile. Fight and defend your kingdom. Download it here!

Table of contents
  1. Giới thiệu Arrow War
    1. Simple and familiar gameplay with a little new improvisation
    2. There is always a reward, so what is it?
    3. But the game needs more than just shooting
    4. Graphics and sound
  2. MOD APK version of Arrow War
    1. MOD feature
  3. Download Arrow War APK & MOD for Android

    Giới thiệu Arrow War

    The war of multi-talented slimes!

    Simple and familiar gameplay with a little new improvisation

    Let me correct it a bit. Actually, in the game, you will play a… a… don’t know what to call it, let’s call it a slime. This slime is very versatile because it can do almost anything: being good at archery, skillful in command, and perfect in strategy. Everything you do is to destroy the complex enemies which are crowded like flies to defend the inner stronghold.

    Arrow War for Android 1440x803

    The gameplay of Arrow War is similar to Plants vs Zombies with the same operation. You can also just stand still and shoot the bow to destroy the enemy. There will only be 5 archers on the wall for the main attack, and later on, you will have a few small monsters right at the bottom of the stronghold for extra support.

    There is always a reward, so what is it?

    The more enemies you kill, the more opportunities you will have to upgrade your weapon (here is bow and arrow) into many different types of attack power. Players need to choose bows and arrows for their main soldiers before entering the battle. And choosing wisely or not will lead you to victory or defeat before the enemy.

    The weapons that are gradually upgraded in the game are very diverse: from normal arrows, you can upgrade it to poison arrows, or arrows that freeze enemies, or super arrows with higher damage than usual … All these weapons when mixed by a cast of 5 slime soldiers will make a perfectly standard formation.

    In addition to weapons, we also upgrade the skills of soldiers. These skills can be used many times in a round, but note that each time you use them, you will consume a part of the soldiers’ energy and need time to heal.

    But the game needs more than just shooting

    While you are embarrassedly waiting to regain your strength (I mean, heal), enemies will appear to make your teammates confused, and distract the ranks. That is the permanent feeling that you will have when playing this game.

    Not to mention that the enemies will be more and more numerous, powerful, moving faster with all sizes, colors, weapon types, and skills not inferior to the upgrades you have.

    Arrow War MOD APK download 1440x809

    To sum up, if you don’t attack fast and strong enough to destroy the enemies but give them a chance to attack you back, those monsters will kill you right away and immediately with whatever they have in hand. When all your soldiers die, the game ends.

    To avoid falling into the above tragedy, what do you need to do? Well, you should know how to combine different skills and weapons, choose weapons to suit your predictions about the upcoming game scene, arrange soldiers in the most skillful way to have a firm formation that protects the force and the stronghold.

    Graphics and sound

    Compared to Arrow War, Plants and Zombies is nothing. I just said that even it may let some of you down. From the crazy to the sensitivity, ridiculousness, and color scheme in Arrow War are all excellent. Have you ever imagined you would play a 2D game in which slimes are hitting each other? I never dared to think about it. It wasn’t until I played this game that I realized, it’s true that in this life anything can happen.

    The stronghold and the weapons and the scale of the complexity inside are extremely terrible, making me feel that the task of defending the stronghold is extremely sacred and worthy. The gameplay scenes are equally rich. But the most special thing is the enemy. With such a large number and frequency of appearances, the producer team still makes one by one different, the graphics must be called a master.

    Arrow War MOD by MODXP 1440x808

    The sound in Arrow War is not a clear highlight because it is almost only the background for the main audio-visual effect. The effect of the bow crashing into the enemy, the sound emitted when the enemy enters the stronghold, and other small effects when collecting points, upgrading … These are all small but helped create quite a big attraction for the game.

    MOD APK version of Arrow War

    MOD feature

    One Hit

    Download Arrow War APK & MOD for Android

    After all, it is crap, crazy, but once you play it, you’ll be addicted to the point that you may spend the whole night playing it again and again. Importantly, it is not boring and monotonous like other strategy games at all. Are you ready to transform into a combat slime?

    If yes, download Arrow War to play now!

    Arrow War APK ([One Hit]) v2.1
    Arrow War APK v2.1