Assoluto Racing 2.9.1 (Easy Win)

Infinity Vector
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Version2.9.1 (build 293)
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Assoluto Racing MOD APK is an AR racing game from the developer Infinity Vector, bringing a new racing experience on mobile. Download it now!

Table of contents
  1. Assoluto Racing: Racing on mobile has never been realistic like that
    1. Gameplay
    2. Tilt your phone to control the car
    3. AR interactive is very realistic
    4. Car’s diversity in Assoluto Racing
    5. Graphics and sound
  2. MOD APK version of Assoluto Racing
    1. MOD feature
  3. Download Assoluto Racing MOD APK for Android

    Assoluto Racing: Racing on mobile has never been realistic like that

    You must admit to me that many times the excitement about a game lies not only in the nature of the game but also in the stories behind. Assoluto Racing (abbreviated as AR) was created by Infinity Vector, a group of indie indie games in Japan with a total of only 4 members. And despite a long development period before its launch, but in return AR has made great progress compared to racing games on mobile phones. Especially with the four developers. I really respect them.


    The final destination of a racing game is nothing but the fastest finish in the time limit to become the champion racer. The goal is the same, but the path to get there is numerous. And that is why we have so many racing games of all genres.

    Assoluto Racing for Android

    In AR, you also only race and race to win. But the way to play and the way you “communicate” with your mobile device is also completely different.

    Tilt your phone to control the car

    Instead of one touch mode, touching the left and right screen to control the car like many other games of the same genre, AR has changed to using modern technology also abbreviated as AR (augmented reality). Means through simulation of how actions interact on the device to control the game. Specifically, in this AR game, players will need to tilt their mobile phone left or right to drive left or right turns. It sounds so interesting, right?

    And in case anyone just likes the traditional style, doesn’t like to experiment with new things, the game also supports normal mode, which means using one hand to touch the screen to control the car. When you want to speed up, you need to press the button on the right side of the screen. When the car is running as fast as possible, if you want to turn, you must press the brake button on the left side of the screen to drift.

    Assoluto Racing’s difficulty is not because the tracks are complicated or obstacles, it is the time to really understand and get used to this new control mechanism. The coordination, switching back and forth between movements is amazing, and if you can do it smoothy, you will easily win.

    AR interactive is very realistic

    In this section, I have three things I want to tell you. The first is the speed of the car. AR can be a bit subjective because the car, at first glance, seems very slow. But once you accelerate, the speed increases very quickly. By the time you realize it, you’ve really lost control. And it will be even faster and more dangerous when you do not brake and keep at that speed.

    Assoluto Racing MOD APK download

    The second is about rival cars. Sometimes, you encounter “mean” opponents who want to rush into your car to push you out of the race. In my experience, if this happens, you need to quickly get away from them to continue the race, to avoid wasting any more meaningless time. Don’t try to get revenge on them, because the final destination is your goal.

    And finally, Assoluto Racing is designed with real physics as if you were driving on the road in real life. So, you also need to put yourself in high consciousness to get serious while driving. If you don’t control well, don’t try to do something crazy. Just one small mistake is enough to make you lose.

    Car’s diversity in Assoluto Racing

    The game starts by letting you choose a car, any model you like from world-renowned car manufacturers such as McLaren, Toyota, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes-benz, Mitsubishi … All are voted the best car in real life. You can even customize some parts of the car at will through the garage.

    In addition, along the way, if you cross the difficult sections, the game will also give you accumulated points. And when enough points will appear a table of upgrades, allowing you to quickly upgrade some parts to continue the race, like professional F1 races.

    Assoluto Racing MOD by MODXP

    The game is invested like that, so it’s definitely not just racing with AI. Besides the single player mode, you can also race against friends and other online players. Each PvP battle has up to 8 people. Note, the tracks designed specifically for PvP mode are difficult and complex, much longer than the single player mode.

    Graphics and sound

    Assoluto Racing chose the AR interactive mechanism, so of course, it is designed with 3D graphics that faithfully simulates every movement and the rules of driving on the road. All stick to naked reality, without any fictional surrealism here.

    The sound effects in the game are also done very carefully, especially every time your car drift, slides on the track, or collides with other cars … All come with very real, real-life sounds. You are a genuine racer, not a superhero character on a super car machine.

    MOD APK version of Assoluto Racing

    MOD feature

    Easy Win

    Download Assoluto Racing MOD APK for Android

    So if you are a real speed enthusiast, want to launch your car on poetic moonlike roads, then this is probably not the game for you. But if you love speed in realistic way and want to experience real hardships in real life racing, then this is true love. Download and experience Assoluto Racing MOD APK right now!

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    Assoluto Racing APK (MOD Easy Win) v2.8.2