Battlelands Royale 2.9.2

NameBattlelands Royale
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Size116 MB
RequiresAndroid 4.4
Version2.9.2 (build 647)
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Hi everyone, the success of PUBG and Fortnite is the ideal template for countless games. And the beneficiaries are probably us when we have so many

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Battlelands Royale
    1. What’s new in Battlelands Royale?
    2. Controls
    3. Graphics
    4. Other interesting things
  2. Download Battlelands Royale APK for Android

    Introduce about Battlelands Royale

    This is a special casual shooting game, Battlelands Royale for all ages. The game is geared towards fast-paced games in 3 to 5 minutes and up to 32 players on a map. It is more suitable for those who do not have much time. You do not have to spend as much time waiting for 100 players as other games. Just play, loot, fight and survive.

    What’s new in Battlelands Royale?

    Battlelands Royale gameplay

    Coming to Battlelands Royale, you’ll start by choosing your starting point and start exploring the island. Unlike PUBG, lets you choose exactly where you want to be instead of having to control the parachute. Then you will have to move and search for weapons that are randomly located at different locations on the map, fight with other players and try to survive as long as possible.

    But it is interesting that this game allows you to cover the map from above. You can see any location, nearby enemies and nearby items. Of course, there are places where you can hide from enemies like grass, under the trees … This game does not have a small map for you to track the movement of the round. Instead, there will be an arrow pointing toward you and you have a safe time to move to the new location before the blood runs out because of the shrinkage.

    Battlelands Royale weapons

    The loot in this game is different. You just move inside the circle containing the items’ icons and stand within them for a few seconds to pick up the item. For the blood pool item, the blood will return directly. You also only have to loot a single weapon, your previous weapon will disappear if you loot a new weapon. There are many weapons and items to loot, such as guns, bazookas, ammunition and medkits.


    The controls in the game are quite simple. The left key to move, the right key to adjust the direction of the bullet. When playing Battlelands Royale, control in this game is quite difficult. But through some battles, you’ll get used to the way you play.


    From an aerial viewpoint, this game brings a new, animated design and a combination of cubes. Simple color tone, bright color and compact. Thanks to this simplicity, the game works well on the majority of phones today. I appreciate this point, and perhaps this is the best way for everyone to enjoy the appeal of the Battle Royale genre on any mobile device.

    Other interesting things

    Battlelands Royale characters

    Battlelands Royale can be considered as a miniature RPG. Through the game, you will be promoted and unlock new characters with a nice look and appearance. In the near future, after successful testing, Battlelands Royale will have more squads mode so you can fight with your friends and more.

    Download Battlelands Royale APK for Android

    If you are looking for a Fortnite-style game and a bit like Clash Royale and the fast-paced battles, maybe the Battlelands Royale is the one that works best for you. Are you ready? See you in Battlelands Royale.

    Battlelands Royale APK v2.9.2