BLEACH Brave Souls 13.1.3 (Menu, God Mode, One Hit)

NameBLEACH Brave Souls
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Size107 MB
RequiresAndroid 4.1
Version13.1.3 (build 196)
MOD FeaturesMenu, God Mode, One Hit

BLEACH Brave Souls MOD APK (God Mode) is an extremely attractive ARPG game. Stand side by side with the Shinigami, destroy Hollow to protect souls and humans.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about BLEACH Brave Souls
    1. Storyline
    2. Gameplay
    3. Characters
    4. Modes
    5. Upgrade
    6. Graphics
  2. MOD APK version of BLEACH Brave Souls
    1. MOD features
    2. How to use
  3. Download BLEACH Brave Souls MOD APK for Android

    Introduce about BLEACH Brave Souls

    Bleach is a Shōnen manga written and illustrated by Kubo Tite. This is an extremely famous manga and attracts a lot of young people to read. Bleach was serialized in the Japanese manga anthology Weekly Shounen Jump from August 20, 2001, to August 22, 2016, and has a total of 74 chapters. The journey spanned more than 15 years and during that time the series created a franchise that included a series of anime series produced by Studio Pierrot in Japan from 2004 to 2012.

    Not only that, but Bleach is also adapted into Console and Android games. BLEACH Brave Souls, a game developed by Klab is also a manga adaptation game with beautiful graphics, original storyline and many other attractive features. That makes the game has reached the top of mobile anime games worth playing in 2016.


    The main character of the series is Kurosaki Ichigo, a teenager with the ability to see spirits. His life completely changed after meeting a Shinigami named Kuchiki Rukia, who regulates the flow of souls between humans and the afterlife. A Shinigami is a person who came to the human world to destroy Hollow, dangerously wandering souls.

    When she was injured while protecting Ichigo, Rukia transferred half of the reiatsu to him so that he could defeat the Hollow. Due to her diminished power, she is trapped here and Ichigo will be in charge of her task to destroy the Hollow and direct the souls to the afterlife known as the Soul Society.

    BLEACH Brave Souls Story

    BLEACH Brave Souls takes the original storyline of this famous manga book into its game. Therefore, when participating in the game, you will be reviewing the storyline again, but not by watching or reading but experiencing it yourself. You will become part of the story of Bleach.


    This adaptation game was developed by Klab in the ARPG style. If you have ever played Honkai Impact 3rd, Punishing Gray Raven or Marvel Future Fight, it will be no stranger to this gameplay. But the difference is that BLEACH Brave Souls has both PVE and PVP systems. In addition to playing according to the storyline, chapters, and events, you can fight other players in PVP mode.

    BLEACH Brave Souls Gameplay

    The controls are also extremely simple. But the difficulty here is just the combo. You will use the touch joystick button on the left side of the screen to move the character and attack buttons on the left. Your character can unleash basic attacks by pressing the “punch” button on the right side of the screen. Around that button are skills that your character can use. Creating your own combos to optimize the amount of damage is essential to making it easier for you to kill enemies.


    With the plot preserved, surely the character that BLEACH Brave Souls owns will be familiar characters commonly appear in the Bleach manga. At the start of the game, you will transform into the 2-star Ichigo character. After completing the tutorial, you will be given an additional 5-star companion. The characters you can choose are Inoue Orihime, Zaraki Kenpachi, Shihouin Yoruichi, Kuchiki Byakuya, Soi Fong, …

    BLEACH Brave Souls Characters

    With the characters in your collection, you can create a lineup of 3 members to participate in completing storylines, events, … The characters will have connections with each other, so you should form a team of members that can activate the link to increase the strength of the squad. Also, try to collect 5-star characters by using Spirit Orb to open random character pack.


    BLEACH Brave Souls has a variety of modes for you to slowly explore.

    • Story Mode
    • Sub Stories
    • Chronicle Quest: Use the character required by the level to complete the task.
    • Events
    • Senkaimon Quest: Tower climbing, open 1 time a month.
    • Co-op: Randomly match or invite up to 3 more people to complete the task.
    • Epic Raid: World Boss, the player who finishes or has the highest damage will receive many attractive rewards.
    • Vs Battle


    The levels will be increasingly difficult, you will have to upgrade your character to participate in more events, pass more levels to receive rewards. You can level up to 200 for each character, and there are 3 empty slots are Character Link and Accessory.

    About Character Link, you can link 3 unused characters to create a link between the characters and each linked character will have its own bonus stat.

    BLEACH Brave Souls Upgrade

    Besides, Soul Tree is one more thing that you need to note. Each branch will add stats to your character or unlock additional active or passive skills.


    The graphics of BLEACH Brave Souls are rated quite excellent. This 3D game has exceeded everyone’s expectations when character designs still carry traditional manga. The characters are also fully voiced by famous Japanese actors. In particular, some skills will activate special animations extremely beautiful.

    BLEACH Brave Souls Graphics
    Special animations

    MOD APK version of BLEACH Brave Souls

    MOD features

    • Mod Menu
    • No Skill CD + Cost
    • God Mode
    • Movespeed x4
    • One Hit Kill
    • Unlimited Skill, Soul Bombs

    How to use

    If you get a problem when link account, please use the Link Account version to connect your account. After success, you can overwrite install the MOD version to use.

    Download BLEACH Brave Souls MOD APK for Android

    This is really a good game adaptation of Bleach series and worth playing. BLEACH Brave Souls is beautifully developed by Klab from the gameplay, characters, sound to the graphics. Quickly participate in the game, work side by side with the Shinigami to destroy the hollows and protect the spirit world and humans.

    BLEACH Brave Souls APK v12.0.0
    BLEACH Brave Souls APK (MOD Menu) v12.0.0
    BLEACH Brave Souls APK (Link Account) v12.0.0