Boxing Star 3.2.0

NameBoxing Star
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RequiresAndroid 4.4
Version3.2.0 (build 101)
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Boxing Star APK is a game developed by Creative Lab (4:33) and released on both Android and iOS platforms, released this month. I like this game because

Table of contents
  1. Boxing Star – New fighting style game
    1. Gameplay requires high-speed moves
    2. Become a star in boxing
    3. Other features
    4. Design
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    Boxing Star – New fighting style game

    While WWE Mayhem featured high performance, several other games featured effectiveness in each attacking/defending phase. I can tell my favorite games like Shadow Fight, Puzzle Fighter, and the latest Boxing Star. Because I feel Boxing Star is quite interesting so I will introduce this game to you.

    Boxing Star 2

    It can be considered Boxing Star is a simulation sport game. Your task is to fight against the other stars and become the champion. Starting with weak opponents, you will fight to conquer stronger and stronger opponents. You will start the game by choosing one of three body types for your character and enter a nickname. I usually choose the youngest character.

    Gameplay requires high-speed moves

    Boxing Star 4

    Initially, you will be guided through this in-game action through a boxing match between Joe the King and The Grave. The game will show you how to make Jab, Hook, Uppercut, Hold on, Dodge … and all other combos that you can perform. These actions are not difficult, just touch, swipe left or right, up or down. Not hard but pretty much, you will have to remember that.

    Become a star in boxing

    This game is quite simple in design. Boxing Star’s main activity is divided into two game modes. Story mode and league mode.

    Boxing Star 3

    In the story mode, you will perform assigned missions and develop your character from the most basic level; each battle is a challenge that you must overcome to get to the next challenge. The task list that you must perform is prominent on the corner of the screen. Through this list, you will, in turn, conquer the four legendary leagues in history and try to reach the highest rank.

    Boxing Star 5

    In tournament mode, you will play against other players in real-time to win the championship and countless other exciting rewards. Your opponent will be systematically randomly selected around the world. If you win, you will receive items that increase the stats and power of your character.

    Other features

    In addition to these two modes of play, Boxing Star also has a variety of other features to satisfy you. A list of characters, lots of skills that you can find in the Training section, a shop where you can find the items you need.


    Boxing Star

    Regarding design, there is still a familiar style of 3D animation. Combined with the sound system is cool, good and nothing to complain about.

    Download Boxing Star APK for Android

    In a nutshell, Boxing Star is a game that you should try out in fighting games. Beautiful graphics, good gameplay and other side experiences. I hope you enjoy Boxing Star and will practice owning the top attacking and defending skills in this game.

    Download Boxing Star APK for Android (Latest version)

    Boxing Star APK v3.2.0