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BTS World APK - Do you love BTS? Do you like the personality style of these 7 handsome and cute guys? Surely all of us have heard about BTS, the popular

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about BTS World
    1. About BTS – the most popular K-pop band
    2. Gameplay
    3. BTS World exclusive features
    4. The official game of BTS
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    Introduce about BTS World

    As most of you know, BTS is a band that is stirring up the world music market. The group under the management of Big Hit Entertainment includes 7 multi-talented members: V, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin and Jungcook. All of them are very handsome, talented and super cute. The group was founded and launched on June 13, 2013. So far, the group has achieved a lot of success not only in Korea but also around the world. So, Netmarble developer BTS World is highly anticipated by the community. Especially the Army community around the world.


    Experience BTS World, you will play the management of the group in the early stages. Those first days were extremely difficult for members. Therefore, you have to lead so that the group has an impressive and famous. The ultimate goal is to become a superstar.

    BTS WORLD Story 1024x1820
    Be the manager of a famous boy band in Korea

    To do that, you will have to perform many different tasks. Especially interaction between team members. Each member has a unique personality, interests and abilities. Find out about them carefully. You can collect BTS Member Cards to chat and make friends. Once you understand, you will mount them into a great group. Complete the challenging missions to bring BTS member cards. The band’s performances will be impressive and quickly receive the fan’s popularity.

    BTS World exclusive features

    As a band management game, BTS World will bring the BTS band closer to the audience through many images that have never been published. You can watch dozens of exclusive videos along with over 10,000 photos and soundtracks of BTS boys. All have never been released before. In addition, the game also allows you to interact with members via texting or phone calls, … It’s unimaginable. What happier is being able to directly chat and make friends with idols.

    BTS WORLD Feature 1024x1366

    Moreover, completing tasks, collecting multiple cards and upgrading will help you better understand every aspect of each singer. In particular, the photos are all animations recorded directly by each member and each person’s own story. Thereby, we will see the cuteness of these guys. Especially for the Army – BTS fan community, this experience is indeed very attractive.

    BTS WORLD Upgrade 1024x1366
    Collect and upgrade BTS Member cards

    The official game of BTS

    Playing as a manager in BTS World, you will have to immerse yourself in the journey to success. Understanding each member’s details is a long process because they are very personal and cute. So, be patient! More specifically, because of the huge amount of videos and conversations. So, please fully charge the battery to not miss every minute with the idol. And one final note: Be careful. You can be addicted!

    Download BTS World APK for Android

    It can be said that BTS World is a completely new and exciting game. It brings the favourite artists closer to the fans. I tried this game for a few days. OMG! These idols are very cute and friendly. In addition, I also know more interesting stories about each member and feel more love them. A great music game for fans of BTS! I have experienced and extremely satisfied. And you?

    BTS World APK v1.9.4