Caves (Roguelike) (Unlimited Money)

NameCaves (Roguelike)
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RequiresAndroid 4.1
Version0.95.1.8 (build 43290)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money

Caves (Roguelike) MOD APK is a Roguelike style turn-based combat role-playing game from the publisher 36dev. Get it now!

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Caves (Roguelike)
    1. What is Caves (Roguelike)?
    2. The dungeons are randomness
    3. Turn-based combat, free but always be careful
    4. Various monsters
    5. Graphics and the feeling when playing

Introduce about Caves (Roguelike)

Join in the noisy battle in the dungeon

What is Caves (Roguelike)?

Caves (Roguelike) is a Roguelike style turn-based combat role-playing game from the publisher 36dev. Just by hearing the name, I understand that when playing this game, if you lose, you have to restart from the beginning, so Caves (Roguelike) is not an easy game to play. It requires you to have both skill, patience, caution, and a high tactical mind.

Caves Roguelike for Android

Caves (Roguelike) has all the elements of a typical Roguelike game. This game is a branch of a role-playing game, has a dungeon map design (dungeon), a clear level system, and turn-based gameplay.

The dungeons are randomness

The structure of the dungeon map and the levels in Caves (Roguelike) is randomly designed, not in a pre-existing or linear order. Each replay is a completely different scene, so even if you replay it a hundred times, the feeling is always new. No matter what scene you’re in, the dungeon will appear as a Grid, take turns fighting, then move on and encounter the next one. And so on until the map gradually opens to new areas and scenes.

Caves (Roguelike) are raised a bit so that players don’t feel too bored when they lose. That is, you can make your main base, with a cloning system and have your upgrade station. Here you will find resources, stores, and unique craft, and powerful items. A variety of weapons from bows & daggers to plasma guns and energy swords can all be born here. Each item will have its damage ability, helping you gain many advantages in battle.

Turn-based combat, free but always be careful

The turn-based system in Caves (Roguelike) is very clear. You can freely choose the next actions. Every step and movement is free, you can do whatever you want as long as you can defeat the monster. Fighting style: one of your turns, one turn of this opponent. This fighting style makes the game more tactical because it requires you have to think before deciding to both defeats the enemy and preserve your precious life.

Caves Roguelike MOD by MODXP

Playing Caves (Roguelike), you will have many different ways to complete your quest to destroy monsters. And the way you interact with your character in the game and the action of using the items in hand will partly affect the outcome of this game. Note that it is free, but we always need to rationally use in-game items and resources such as Money, Healing Items, Equipment because they are limited.

Various monsters

After all, your main task is still to confront and kill monsters. Kill as many monsters as possible, slash as many times as possible to collect money and valuable items. They will help you a lot in upgrading and increasing damage because, in the next round, the enemy is not easy for you to win. They will be on all sides, everywhere, in different shapes and colors. But the type of battle is still turn-based, so you have to think about who to fight first so as not to be disadvantaged and still preserve the valuable resources you have, especially your life.

Because Caves (Roguelike) has a permadeath mode, so you will be “punished” to play from the beginning if you die when fighting with the monster.

Graphics and the feeling when playing

Caves (Roguelike) are designed in pixel art style. The gloomy color is true to the dungeon, not full of light that when you fight to, the new dungeon opens there, both helping to focus on the fight and bring a sense of danger.

Caves Roguelike screenshot

Playing this game requires a lot of concentration. The tense, challenging is an integral part of any Roguelike game. The pressure of “dead and play again” makes you always very cautious because you don’t want all your efforts to down the drain. Although the scene is random, it’s not boring to play over and over again. But knowing the fact that you-re-playing-from-the- zero doesn’t make you frustrated and uncommitted. And in order not to be attached to this uncomfortable feeling, of course, you have to be careful with every detail.

Caves (Roguelike) APK ([Money]) v0.95.1.8
Caves (Roguelike) APK v0.95.1.8