Dark Raider 1.0 (Unlimited Money)

Triniti Interactive Studios
NameDark Raider
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PublisherTriniti Interactive Studios
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RequiresAndroid 4.4
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money

Download Dark Raider MOD APK (Unlimited Money) to upgrade your character and defeat the bosses in the dungeon, save the life of the Ylkis world.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Dark Raider
    1. Plot
    2. Maps
    3. Winning is not easy
    4. Collection of unique heroes
    5. Graphics
  2. About Dark Raider MOD APK latest version
    1. MOD feature
  3. Overview
    1. Download Dark Raider MOD APK for Android (Latest version)

      Introduce about Dark Raider

      Are you a lover of retro action games, nostalgic but no less exciting? So why hesitate any longer without joining Dark Raider, the latest action game of Triniti Interactive. Hundreds of dungeons and thousands of powerful enemies await you in this Hack & Slash game.


      The game begins with a setting in a fantasy world called Ylkis. Here, the apocalyptic prophecy has been handed down centuries ago. All residents of the world know and are afraid of it, but they are still prepared to face the wrath of the Gods one day. As close to the end of the world, all the kingdoms in Ylkis became chaotic, residents were panicked and riots broke out continuously.

      Dark Raider screenshot 1024x576

      Doomsday seems inevitable. But fortunately, the gods did not abandon people. He still gives the little creatures the last chance. The gods bring the hope of survival buried in the darkest place when opening the dungeon door. For every conquered dungeon, the life of the Ylkis world will be extended by one day. As a hero, a warrior of the Ylkis world, can you save your world?


      The Dark Raider does not follow a stereotyped map but uses a random map. That means, when the player joins in fighting against monsters and misses “death” ,when starting over, you are taken to a whole new map. This is also the reason for the difficulty of Dark Raider because players will not be able to overcome the dungeon by playing over and over again.

      Winning is not easy

      Dark Raider has dozens of dungeons with different challenges and obstacles. Not only have to run and overcome obstacles, but players also have to fight against a large wave of enemies that can come from anywhere, any corner.

      Dark Raider gameplay 1024x576

      But in the end, these are not the worst things that players have to face. Boss waits for the warriors at the end of the dungeons. They are truly challenging when possessing comprehensive abilities. Players will not be able to predict their actions because their attacks are very fast with powerful skills. This will make it difficult to judge actions and evade damage. If feeling difficult, players do not forget to use many different combos to reverse the situation.

      To alleviate difficulties, the game adds a character upgrade system. He will become stronger when he wins many victories. In addition, you have up to 17 different runes to collect. Upgrade your heroes and defeat the dungeons of the game.

      Collection of unique heroes

      Dark Raider provides players with many characters to choose from and use in battles. Once you have overcome certain dungeons, the system will unlock three different types of heroes. Players can choose between Warriors, Mage and Barbarian. Each type has special attack power and skills. Therefore, players should consider using the character in accordance with the next dungeon you need to conquer.

      For example, Warrior represents Warriors with the advantage of speed (capable of attacking and moving very fast). Mages have high AP damage (which can do mass damage), but the downside is quite vulnerable to attack and energy loss. Speaking of good stamina and defense, Barbarian must be mentioned, but they move a bit slower than the other races. Based on these characteristics, you can make a choice that suits you.

      Dark Raider mod apk 1024x576


      The use of dark background color makes the match more unique and quite suitable for dungeons. Moreover, the graphics are designed in a classic pixel style with few modern effects to make the battle more eye-catching. The game brings new and nostalgic experiences to long-time game players.

      About Dark Raider MOD APK latest version

      MOD feature

      Unlimited Money: Money does not decrease when you use it.


      Developer Triniti did a great job with Call of Mini Zombie, creating a premise for gamers to wait for something groundbreaking in Dark Raider. Although still doing a good job, but to become a phenomenon, Dark Raider still needs to be developed and added more novel elements. However, if you’re just looking for a game that challenges a bit during a break, this would be a good choice.

      Download Dark Raider MOD APK for Android (Latest version)

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