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Dark Sword 2 APK is the second part of the Dark Sword game series, developed by NANOO COMPANY. This is an extremely attractive action role-playing game

Table of contents
  1. The story
    1. The skill system
      1. Modes
        1. Graphics
          1. Overview
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              The story

              The plot of this game in general terms has a similarity, that is, they have elements of science fiction. However, the plot of Dark Sword 2 is set in the future world, the era of technology. At that time, mankind made great strides in exploiting energy to develop technology to a new level. At the same time, it also leaves many consequences and great harm to humankind. The machines that serve humans have been attacked by Azi Dahaka for the dark purpose of destroying humans. A group of Cyborg girls rebelled to destroy the Azi Dahaka empire and protect humanity.

              Dark Sword 2 Story 1024x576

              Dark Sword 2 has an extremely attractive RPG action gameplay. Similar to League of Stickman, you will play side-scrolling style (horizontal movement) with a direct view. The control of this game is also very simple, the virtual joystick on the left for you to move the character, and the right is the buttons to attacks, skills, …

              The skill system

              Dark Sword 2 has an extremely diverse and rich skill system. Besides, the system of characters and equipment are also very diverse. Each character has a different power and weapon usage. In particular, you can also create your own weapons for favourite characters. Just by gathering all the necessary materials, you can create any type of weapon completely to your liking.

              Each character possesses many skills. The skills when used all create beautiful effects. But do not worry because the phones are not high specifications but can still play smoothly. Because, the developer has optimized to the maximum so that you do not encounter the game problem of a crash due to the phone is too weak, jerky frame, …

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              Compared to the first part, Dark Sword 2 is greatly expanded in terms of content. The publisher has broken the storyline down and added each stage to the game to make it longer and not boring players because it finishes too quickly. The game consists of more than 100 different missions, the difficulty is arranged from easy to difficult. Therefore, you will have to upgrade your character stronger to complete it easier. The Fatima system will help you upgrade AI, equipment, skills, …

              Dark Sword 2 Missions 1024x576

              Not only that, but Dark Sword 2 also owns an interesting and attractive co-op mode. You will not fight alone but will have teammates to support. You will control a heroine on a mission with 2 other players. Therefore, a mission will be performed by three people. This will make you feel more excited when there are teammates shoulder to shoulder in the difficult tasks.


              Dark Sword 2 has extremely beautiful 3D graphics. Set in science fiction, Dark Sword returns with high-quality graphics and much more vivid. The heroine is designed to resemble the Shadow Fight game, the characters appear as shadows on the horizontal screen of the smartphone. Not only that, but the sound is also very lively and true.

              Dark Sword 2 Graphics 1024x647


              With me, Dark Sword 2 is really a great game. A unique storyline combined with science fiction elements creates something new for an action role-playing game. If you have not tried it, quickly download this attractive game right to your phone. Join and role-play the heroine and save the world from the darkness. The fate of the Earth is in your hands.

              Download Dark Sword 2 APK for Android (Latest version)

              Dark Sword 2 APK v1.1.4