Date A Live: Spirit Pledge 1.19

Moonwalk Interactive Hong Kong
NameDate A Live: Spirit Pledge
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PublisherMoonwalk Interactive Hong Kong
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
Version1.19 (build 48)
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Adventure to the fantasy world, take part in intense battles with beautiful girls in Date A Live: Spirit Pledge APK. Are you ready to fight?

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Date A Live: Spirit Pledge
    1. Gameplay
    2. Modes
    3. Date with beautiful girls
    4. Spirits
    5. Graphics
  2. Download Date A Live: Spirit Pledge APK for Android

    Introduce about Date A Live: Spirit Pledge

    Games in the genre of dating or role-playing must be too familiar to everyone. But have you ever tried to experience a game that combines both genres? If not, I will present you a game with such combined gameplay called Date A Live: Spirit Pledge.

    With content built and created based on the famous Date A Live series of light novels, right from its release, the game has blown a fresh wind to the gaming community. Join this game, you will experience the romantic novel game genre combined with simulation action. For DAL fans, this is a game you should not ignore.


    In Date A Live: Spirit Pledge, you will enter romantic dates with strong and extremely beautiful girls. Above all, you will use the power of your love to fight evil enemies and keep the world peaceful.

    Date A Live Spirit Pledge skills

    By controlling spirits to fight, participate in quests, and unlock storylines, you can form strong bonds and mentally connect with your spirits.


    Date A Live: Spirit Pledge opens up a lot of modes for you to play. To explore the main storyline (largely adapted from the original story), you will join the campaign.

    Daily Battle mode is only open from time to time. This is the place that will give you some ingredients like Spirit EXP card, Fairy EXP card and some fairy items. However, matches in this mode are limited in time.

    Besides, the game also offers some more smaller modes like Co-op Mode, challenge, dungeon, Kabbalah. Participating in these modes will bring a lot of valuable rewards and you probably do not want to miss it.

    Date with beautiful girls

    During the storyline unlocking stages, you will experience a dating sim game. Your mission is to conquer the hearts of beautiful spirits, create romantic relationships with them.

    Date A Live Spirit Pledge apk

    Not only does it create sweet conversations, but you are also even shown off your cooking skills to strengthen your bond with your spirits become more intimate. Completing story missions will unlock more costumes and accessories as well as open up romantic dating locations for you.


    Date A Live: Spirit Pledge has 7 spirit ranks from B to EX. You can upgrade and improve your spirits’ skills by using soul fragments. However, each level will require a certain amount of soul fragments to be able to upgrade to the next level.

    In addition to using soul fragments, you can also use fairies to increase your spirits’ stats. The fairies were one of the equipment items and each spirit could equip up to 3 fairies, depending on the spirit’s level.

    Date A Live Spirit Pledge screenshot

    Date A Live: Spirit Pledge gives you the option to unlock and level up the angels – weapons used by the spirits. In the Tree, you just need to choose the spirits and choose the stat you want to increase and upgrade. Date A Live: Spirit Pledge also provides hundreds of combos for you to choose from to suit the spirit you own.


    The most attractive thing about Date A Live: Spirit Pledge to me is the shape of the spirits. They are meticulously designed and extremely beautiful, delicate to each line. Besides, the graphics and the chibi characters are also great.

    In particular, each Spirit’s skill is designed with exclusive graphics and four unique effects types. You will surely enjoy a satisfying visual feast when you experience Date A Live: Spirit Pledge.

    As for the sound, it’s pretty cute, but sometimes overwhelming and gives off a dramatic feel. The characters are also voiced by Anime actors such as Kotori Itsuka, Yoshino, or Origami Tobiichi that you may already know.

    Download Date A Live: Spirit Pledge APK for Android

    Now, you can download Date A Live: Spirit Pledge and join thrilling battles with beautiful spirit girls. If you love this game, leave a comment below the article!

    Date A Live: Spirit Pledge APK v1.19