Deadroom 5.3.5 (Free Shopping)

AXGs Studio
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PublisherAXGs Studio
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RequiresAndroid 4.4
Version5.3.5 (build 68)
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Deadroom MOD APK is an arcade game from the publisher AXGs Studio with easy gameplay but can make you so angry that you throw your phone.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Deadroom
    1. A dead room full of traps awaits
    2. Colors are special signals
    3. Warning sound
    4. Bloody arcade game

Introduce about Deadroom

Brain exploding game

A dead room full of traps awaits

My first impression was like “Is this game arcade?”. If you wonder about its brain hack, i will say that it’s brutally difficult. Here, you will play the role of a strange Stickman whose mission is to overcome deadly rooms filled with dangers and enemies waiting.

The game currently has twenty levels. Each level is a confusing maze, which only ends when you find the exit door to go to the next level. But it’s not all about that. In that gray and white maze, there are many “cool” things waiting for you. On your way, a lot of traps occur with a high frequency. For example, part of scene three, when you just appear at the door and do not figure out what to do, you will be shocked by a green electric door in front of the source. Or each scene has a lot of robots with the ability to fly, acting as guards of the room. They keep coming out and checking at a slow speed. When you are a bit close and think it’s easy to jump up, suddenly the robot goes crazy, rushes forward, and goes off.

Deadroom screenshot 1440x810

The pitfalls are constant, and each dish is a surprise on its own. Not until the last minute can we know what they do to us. This is the heart-pounding, terrifying element of this game called “arcade”. Well, don’t believe the author. What a trick all over here!

Colors are special signals

Deadroom uses simple 2D graphics. The main character is a Stickman with a strange face like an alien. The scenery around the labyrinth room is mostly gray, white and a few other colors like the blue of the water, the green of the coins you need to collect, the orange of some dangerous robots, the red of the giant carpets… These colors appear as a highlighting thing to look out for along the way. At first when I played scene one, I often had trouble identifying friends and enemies.

For example, if you see blue water, you will also be afraid of whether you will go down to sink (but no, you will only be shocked when there is electricity in the water) or see some bombs. When I saw the robot, I panicked but later found out that they only became explosive bombs when there was a signal of electricity running through the room… But after playing a few scenes, I got used to it and slowly understood the intention of the game designer.

Warning sound

The soundtrack in Deadroom is also a bit strange. It gives me goosebumps a bit because of the static. After playing for a few seconds, you will also realize that the sound is also a kind of warning for the player. Sometimes there will be sounds like electricity running through, now if you are near some bombs (gray, white round beads) or there is a power source that looks like it’s not working, you should run away. Because when there is this sound, it seems that the whole room will have electricity, these normally harmless items will now explode or short circuit. You will be crushed by them.

Deadroom for Android 1440x810

The first few times I didn’t even understand why I died, but after playing it, I found out this cool thing for myself. This is the kind of warning that is too toxic for the first time I encountered when playing an arcade game. That was both surprising and exciting at the same time.

Bloody arcade game

Do you think using stickman and this gray and white tone will be peaceful? It’s another big mistake. When you touch something you shouldn’t touch, you’ll instantly explode. That means the whole person will be thrown up with bright red blood splattering an entire wall of the room. The first time I played, I even found it a bit creepy, but after getting used to it, it was acceptable. But this game is not suitable for children to play. The image “seems” quite cute and funny, but the tone, the types of traps and especially the bloody red stickman screen like this are not good for visual impression.

Deadroom MOD by MODXP 1440x810
Deadroom APK ([Free Shopping]) v5.3.5
Deadroom APK v5.3.5