Death Worm 2.0.036 (Unlimited Money)

NameDeath Worm
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Version2.0.036 (build 236)
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You do not need to think much when playing Death Worm MOD APK, just simply control the giant worm to destroys everything.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Death Worm
    1. Why did I choose to play Death Worm?
    2. What is Death Worm?
    3. Depth is also simplicity
    4. The task can be easily seen, no need to guess
    5. “Diamond cuts diamond”

Introduce about Death Worm

In Death Worm, you play as a monster shaped like a worm. Your journey to evolve into a giant monster is simply by wriggling deep underground and then gaining momentum to the surface, grabbing a human, or an animal, or knocking over an object. Killing, destroying, and eating are the meaning of this monster’s life so that one day it will become a “hurricane”, the most terrible monster of this world.

Why did I choose to play Death Worm?

Gone are the days of the cult of pixel platform games with lengthy storylines on older consoles. And not everyone has time to think about each plot twist on PC like in The Little Nightmare. Now must be the age of mobile games that bring so much fun quickly. For me, mobile games without a confusing plot, without thinking, just for entertainment, will be the genre that really takes the throne nowadays.

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And it is even better if it helps you to relieve your mood and frustration anytime, anywhere, just on your phone.

What is Death Worm?

As an arcade action game from PlayCreek LLC Death Worm has brought me moments of true relaxation. Not bothered by complicated puzzles, nor lofty responsibilities, or complicated incarnations. Yeah, like a lazy person on weekend mornings, I’m just a lazy worm all day looking for food. But in the game, after many rounds of devouring a lot of food, I become a terrible animal, a deadly worm. The gameplay has nothing to say about. You only have to control back and forth with the emulator button on the left and then track your progress indicators on the right-hand buttons, that’s all.

Depth is also simplicity

The importance is ingenuity, agility, and sharp eyes. Put yourself in the position of a worm, if you want to grow up quickly, dominate this land and completely escape from the threat of humans, you must eat and destroy as much as possible. Food is abundant, people, animals on the ground, strange animals roaming right under the ground can also be delicious prey. Flexibly controlling the buttons, creating undulating curves on the ground, then flying up far away to the point of need to reach… all require ingenuity.

For example, you run back and forth, aim to catch a guy in a white shirt walking on the road, then when you fly up high and fall to the ground, you get a flying helicopter. It’s really a good move. Because although this worm itself is crooked, it has a weakness that it has to be constantly in motion and can only bend to a certain extent, it can’t bend like a V-shape. So, you must aim a little cleverly to jump up or fall in the right place.

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Again, it must be right because each exercise like that also consumes a lot of energy. So, keep eating food, smashing tanks, planes, helicopters, and many troops to grow quickly, and evolve quickly.

Witnessing the tenacious worm monster growing up day by day, you will also realize that the bigger it is, the more powerful it has. It can eat both people and vehicles at the same time when its mouth is wide enough, but its bulky body will also be difficult to move and draw more sophisticated curves. Remember to watch out for the aliens. They’re not human, they can hurt our worm monsters.

The task can be easily seen, no need to guess

The game has a total of 45 levels with many different scenes. Each scene in Death Worm™ will be divided into several rounds, each with specific requirements appearing in the left corner of the screen. There will be short sentences like “Kill 10 more people to level up” or “kill 5 people in 30 seconds”…

As you complete missions, you’ll slowly power up your monsters by collecting shards that drop when performing a combo kill. There are two types of combos for worms to cast (available in the lower right corner of the screen):

  • FireBall: worm shoots a ball of fire below or above the ground, this is used to destroy aircraft and destroy multiple objects at once.
  • Nitro: it is like acceleration in racing games. The monster will hover noticeably faster when underground and jump many times higher on the ground. The worm can also glide like the wind without fear of flying bullets or arrows.

“Diamond cuts diamond”

One more thing I like about Death Worm™. That is the rule “Diamond cuts diamond”. Obviously, when you are a monster, the price to pay is the fierce resistance of innocent people. The army will constantly send many “peace ambassadors” to deal with monsters: armored vehicles, fighter planes, flying saucers, special forces soldiers, heavy bombs scattered everywhere. At this time, the worm monster must constantly move super-fast, be super smart, appear or hide at the right time so as not to be dismembered because of the heavy weapons.

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And one more important thing is “combining the wind into a storm”, some weapons can’t affect the worm, but when they are combined or fire continuously, the monster will be seriously injured. Be very careful!

Death Worm APK v2.0.035