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DomiNations APK from publisher Big Huge Games, is a construction strategy game that has been expected for a long time.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about DomiNations
    1. A famous game even before its formation
    2. Strategy game with heavy emphasis on Economics and Research
    3. Extremely high balance
    4. What needed to rule the world?
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    Introduce about DomiNations

    Conquer the world and battle nations throughout history

    A famous game even before its formation

    First, DomiNations was created by the famous designer Brian Reynorlds, who opened a new empire for himself with the name Big Huge Games. Then there’s the designer’s bold statement: this game will be a radical copy of Civilization and Age of Empires mixed with a bit of Rise of Nations.

    DomiNations for Android

    As expected, DomiNations is a strategy game on mobile platforms. You will choose to be the leader of one of the world’s great civilizations and start building your own nation from a prehistoric tribe to a superpower that has made its mark in human history.

    Strategy game with heavy emphasis on Economics and Research

    An extremely strong highlight when playing the game, in my opinion, is that DomiNations has successfully completed the role of leading players through a series of important milestones in human history.

    While many strategy games are more about building or falling into the arrangement of ramparts, DomiNations focuses on the Economy element. All events and developments in the game come from economic development. That means if the economy is not stable, the country will be easily “broken” from within or unable to develop synchronously. The economy in the game is also very realistic, you can think logically from real life and apply it here a lot.

    Besides, everything is a cycle of exchange, buying and selling to create value and nothing is naturally born expensive and valuable. For example, gold does not suddenly exist and can be used to buy other valuable things. It must go through the process of mining from gold mines, and then through many exchanges and trades between different markets to become valuable.

    DomiNations MOD by MODXP

    DomiNations places second importance on the Research element for three fields: Economics, Science and Military. All your research must be done in a low to elevated level and grouped together in one place called the library to easily manage and track progress. Thoroughly studying the various aspects will get you solid growth in the future.

    Extremely high balance

    In strategy games, as you know, balance is the core. Without balance, the process of construction and development will be easily deviated and difficult to progress far. The balance is evident in that everything in DomiNations has good or bad things. This is both a difficult and an extremely attractive point of this game.

    You can witness a powerful cavalry team capable of destroying 2-3 groups of infantries, breaking a series of defensive walls but succumbing to a tower of archers’ team. You can also watch an infantry often used to fight directly with the enemy give up with the walls and run long with a team of catapults. It is this extremely strict relativity and balance that will force you to always think and plan to cope. All you need to do is having a solid attack and defense plan as well as taking advantage of all the strengths of your troops to fully exploit the conflicting factor between the forces.

    What needed to rule the world?

    In this game, you will have an open map and two villagers. At first, you need to quickly build a city, let the villagers go to exploit resources, hunt animals, and dig for gold. The number of villagers is always limited, resources also need to be “tempered” to be valuable. Should you play DomiNations, you will have to make sure before all your decisions. After each construction, you need to upgrade your village including markets, farms, military training camps, houses, towns… In general, at first, try to develop forces and exploit as much as possible because everything is progressing on food, gold and money (Crowns).

    DomiNations screenshot

    Your main mission in DomiNations is literally to “seek and rule” as the name suggests. You can play PvP or fight alone against the machine. You will in turn visit, explore and invade different cities to gradually become world hegemony. So, you will have to constantly upgrade and train the elite army to fight for sovereignty first, and then the most important stage of all levels: building the economy and researching areas to actually “domesticated and brainwashed” its colony.

    Download DomiNations APK for Android

    The game has beautiful graphics, the movement of details and the force is fluid. The gameplay is the sum of what strategy game addicts are always looking for: balanced, evocative, and highly realistic. It’s worth playing, guys.

    DomiNations APK v9.970.971