DOP: Draw One Part 1.2.3 (No Ads)

NameDOP: Draw One Part
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Size125 MB
RequiresAndroid 5.0
Version1.2.3 (build 34)
MOD FeaturesNo Ads

Ads no longer disturb your experience in the version DOP: Draw One Part MOD APK (No Ads) provided by MODXP. Download the game here.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about DOP: Draw One Part
    1. How to play
    2. Unique gameplay
    3. Many levels to experience
    4. Rich content
    5. An educational game
    6. Beautiful cartoon graphics
  2. MOD APK version of DOP: Draw One Part
    1. MOD feature
  3. Download DOP: Draw One Part MOD APK for Android

    Introduce about DOP: Draw One Part

    DOP: Draw One Part is an interesting puzzle game with one-touch gameplay. It will make you feel both a genius and an artist. Find out what makes this game interesting with us in the article below.

    The game was developed by SayGames – the publisher was dubbed the king in the game genre with a simple design, high entertainment. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand when DOP: Draw One Part owns minimalistic, beautiful graphics. There have been many puzzle games developed in recent times. But developers are always looking for something new and interesting to retain their players. And the uniqueness from DOP: Draw One Part will make you excited.

    How to play

    The game will ask questions with a drawing. Your task is to draw the missing strokes to complete the picture. If correct, the completed image will appear. But if it’s wrong, you have to keep trying or seeking help from the hint.

    At first glance, you might think this game is simple. For parts that are missing, you just draw the missing part to complete the question. But there will be puzzles that you have to use the mind, good logical thinking ability to be able to overcome.

    Unique gameplay

    Puzzle games are always challenging and stimulate your thinking. So does DOP: Draw One Part, which is cleverly combined between logic and puzzle. The game will give you an image, which will have one or many objects.

    You must complete the picture by drawing the missing part, from familiar household items to iconic objects. For example, draw a fourth leg for a chair, an aquarium, a ruler’s crown, butterflies, donuts and more.

    Your finger will act as a pen, and you can only draw one stroke for each puzzle. After that, the game will automatically determine if your drawing matches the missing details. If true, you will continue the journey to conquer the puzzles and step through to the next level. If not, you can play it again without limit.

    Many levels to experience

    The difficulty of the puzzles will increase with each level. This will create interest but also challenges your imagination.

    At the first 50 levels, they are quite simple and you can pass quickly. But after that, the pictures became more complex and detailed. This will sometimes make you feel confused. However, do not feel pressured to not find the answer, because DOP: Draw One Part just want to bring you relaxing moments. The system will assist you when you click on the light bulb icon on the screen. But in return, you will have to see an ad.

    As you progress, you will find that you need to think more because of the complexity of the puzzles. Overall, DOP: Draw One Part has many interesting challenges. You can develop your brain with your imagination as well as your drawing skills.

    Rich content

    The puzzles in DOP: Draw One Part are developed based on many topics, from weather, emotions, people, animals to cultures. Through the hints and answers for each puzzle, you will probably know more interesting things!

    Moreover, the development team is still trying to update and develop this content. They promise to bring to players more interesting puzzles in future updates. Please don’t miss it!

    An educational game

    DOP: Draw One Part really brings a lot of fun. It not only helps to train the mind, but it also helps you have a relaxing time. Its content is quite diverse, suitable for any age group, including children with cartoon themes. They are well suited for your child to explore and be creative.

    Beautiful cartoon graphics

    DOP: Draw One Part has diverse images. It uses pictures to present a puzzle to the player, and the player can draw on it. In general, they have quite simple shapes and details but are cute and funny.

    Playful, cute pictures with soothing rhythmic music, changing through different levels to help you feel more relaxed.

    MOD APK version of DOP: Draw One Part

    MOD feature

    No Ads: No more unwanted ads appear between each level.

    Note, you can still watch ads to unlock hints.

    Download DOP: Draw One Part MOD APK for Android

    DOP: Draw One Part is really a great puzzle game. It despite simple gameplay, you still need to use the intelligence and imagination to find the answer. Download, join the game and experience exciting challenges right now.

    DOP: Draw One Part APK v1.2.3
    DOP: Draw One Part APK (MOD No Ads) v1.2.3