Eclipse Isle

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NameEclipse Isle
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PublisherNetEase Games
Size1.00 GB
RequiresAndroid 4.3
Version1.0.34.137538 (build 10030)
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Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Eclipse Isle
    1. Gameplay
    2. The best survival game
    3. Collect and upgrade
    4. Graphics
  2. FAQs
    1. How to install Eclipse Isle with OBB and APK file?
  3. Download Eclipse Isle APK for Android

    Introduce about Eclipse Isle


    If you like the survival genre and MOBA, you maybe know Zooba, a game of the same genre that was launched before. However, unlike fighting in an animated simulation environment in Zooba, Eclipse Isle takes you to a real island and fights for survival as a soldier. By all means, you must be the last surviving person to see the sun rise.

    Eclipse Isle Gameplay

    Like any other survival game, in Eclipse Isle, you must fight and face to 60 other players on the island. If anyone is familiar with the survival game, one indispensable thing is the “safe zone”. Over time, the safe zone on the island gradually shrank by a mysterious black mist. Staying in the black mist of death for too long, you will be gradually attracted vitality until lying down. And something new has revealed, which is the MOBA element in Eclipse Isle. At the beginning of the match, you can choose 1 of 8 characters with different powers.

    The best survival game

    Battle in Eclipse Isle is fierce. So, besides a bit of luck, it all depends on the skill and strategy of the player. In battle, besides having to be wary of enemies who may be anywhere. Besides, there are also bloodthirsty wandering monsters. They always go with the masses and attack whoever they encounter. Being alert if you don’t want to die.

    Eclipse Isle Screenshot

    Eclipse Isle allows you to choose between 8 heroes to fight. Each character has different skills and characteristics. Therefore, you can find a tactic and choose your strategy according to your interests. For example, Flutter, an assassin capable of moving quickly and killing people in a flash. Or with Lily, a character with good fighting skills, etc. However, each character needs to be upgraded with the upgraded equipment to be really powerful. So you need to loot good items for your characters.

    Collect and upgrade

    As soon as you fall to the ground, the first thing you should do is go loot yourself the necessary equipment and weapons. Eclipse Isle provides you with a lot of different equipment and is divided into several categories. There are armors, accessories such as hats, backpacks, potions, and potions. Because there is no weapon, depending on the situation, you can choose your items. Collect weapons such as bows, swords, sticks, … to combine with existing skills. Or you can collect items that support the character’s strength. Especially the Skill Stone, which helps the character enhance the power of skills.

    Eclipse Isle Multi Heroes

    Support items are also very diverse. Besides Skill Stone, you can also receive skills such as invisibility, camouflage, … Especially, a horse will help you fight and move better. You can cook, explore and many other activities on the island.


    NetEase games always have high-quality 3D graphics. Eclipse Isle is also carefully cared for with 3D graphics and eye-catching effects. Perhaps this is the first survival game that draws inspiration from the powerful and seductive anime characters.

    Eclipse Isle Graphics


    How to install Eclipse Isle with OBB and APK file?

    1. First, download our APK file and OBB.
    2. Extract file and move it to Android / obb. It does not exist, you can create one.
    3. Install APK file as usual.

    Download Eclipse Isle APK for Android

    A perfect combination of MOBA elements and survival gameplay, along with anime style, Eclipse Isle promises to give players a new sense and great experience. Download this game via the links below the article and join the intense war to survive.

    Eclipse Isle APK v1.0.34.137538