Endless Nightmare: Weird Hospital 1.1.0 (Unlimited Ammo)

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NameEndless Nightmare: Weird Hospital
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Endless Nightmare: Weird Hospital MOD APK will help you have moments of sweating or screaming in fear. Get it now!

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Endless Nightmare: Weird Hospital
    1. Storyline
    2. Choking and frustrating
    3. Gameplay
    4. Upgrade characters and weapons
    5. Behind every ghost is a story

Introduce about Endless Nightmare: Weird Hospital

A contest between justice and evil!


Endless Nightmare: Weird Hospital begins when the character James (you) wakes up in an abandoned hospital in the town of Oak Town. Before fainting, you are tracking the mysterious disappearances of the villagers here. After that, you have no idea why you woke up in this gloomy hospital.

But that is only the beginning of the tragedy.

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Behind the terrifying ghosts that you constantly have to face is a conspiracy which is much scarier. The disappearance of the people here is just the tip of the iceberg. A bigger twist awaits you.

Choking and frustrating

Throughout James’ journey to find out the truth behind the deaths of the villagers, you will constantly be scared and overwhelmed by a series of horrifying events. American horror characters appear one after another in the hospital darkness. It’s still the dark old hospital scene with full of blood, endless chases. But above all, there is still the feeling of being unable to breathe. I guarantee that after playing for a while, you will be out of breath as if you are taking part in this story.

Endless Nightmare: Weird Hospital is divided into several chapters. Each chapter follows the pattern of an American TV series: opening gently, then ending with some shocking incident, or there is a clear trace of a bold plot twist. This makes you can’t stop playing, even if you’re too scared. The horror is increasing day by day, and the unexpected experience is also more and more spectacular.


The gameplay in Endless Nightmare: Weird Hospital is considered very flexible. You will be playing the role of James and going on a specific mission to find out the mystery of mass disappearances, and upgrade weapons… Simultaneously, you can do puzzles to find a way out of the hospital and a series of mysterious rooms. Also, come to action with crazy chases, attack and kill a series of terrible monsters here.

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The longer our character survives, the more powerful weapons in turn will be. Don’t forget to let James collect many strange items in the hospital. Those things will sooner or later help you with something.

Upgrade characters and weapons

Moreover, an indispensable element of any RPG game is the development of the character’s skill system such as hitting, punching, using weapons, increasing attack speed… Weapons here are not too much variety, but enough. With horror games, there are inherently no need for many weapons. Actually, having something in hand to fight is lucky. Do you remember many games from beginning to end that were bear with only a flickering flashlight in the main character’s hand? But fortunately, some of the basic guns in Endless Nightmare: Weird Hospital can be upgraded to many higher attack levels, so our character is not too tragic.

Besides, you can also choose to “run” or “fight”. There’s no rule that requires killing all the monsters in the hospital. You can run away if you feel the situation is too tense. You can completely hide behind a corner in the hospital if you don’t want to happen face-to-face with the evil forces here. The important part of this game is the experience between life and death and terrifying jumpscare.

Behind every ghost is a story

The ghost “team” in Endless Nightmare: Weird Hospital is also very “resentful”. Each ghost has its own origin, identity, and story. When you feel a little less fear, take the time to get to know them a little. There are many mysteries to help you decipher the great conspiracy in this story.

Endless Nightmare Weird Hospital for Android 1440x810

While playing the role of enjoying the ultimate fear, you also have to constantly use your judgment and sharp mind to deduce the connection between the strange events that are happening. Solve the mysterious characters on the wall, find a way out of the hospital and find out the dangerous plot behind the disappearances of the villagers.

Endless Nightmare: Weird Hospital APK ([Ammo]) v1.1.0
Endless Nightmare: Weird Hospital APK v1.1.0