Evil Nun 1.7.6 (Unlimited Money, No Ads)

Keplerians Horror Games
NameEvil Nun
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PublisherKeplerians Horror Games
Size92 MB
RequiresAndroid 4.4
Version1.7.6 (build 300353)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, No Ads

Evil Nun MOD APK (Unlimited Money, No Ads) is a horror mobile game inspired by the character Valak in The Conjuring. Once again, the demon who takes shape

Table of contents
  1. About Evil Nun
    1. Escape and solve puzzles
    2. Laundry room with scary secrets
    3. Different difficulty and ghost mode
    4. Graphics
  2. MOD APK version of Evil Nun
    1. MOD Features
  3. Download Evil Nun MOD APK for Android

    About Evil Nun

    While getting the character image from The Nun, this game has similar gameplay to some previous horror games, assuming Granny or Five Nights at Freddy’s. In Evil Nun, you will transform into a boy who is being held captive by a crazy nun. Your task is to find a way to escape from her school quickly before she does crazy things on you. The game will definitely give you the stressful, nervous, stimulating intelligence and your courage.

    Escape and solve puzzles

    The devil has an extremely terrifying ability, she can hear every sound in the school. Even if it was just a key, a book that was dropped could catch her attention and she would go to the place where the sound was coming from. If she finds out you not in the room … Bump! A sledgehammer will be pounded directly on your head. Each time detected you will need to wait until the next day of the week to continue your escape plan. Under tables, file cabinets … are ideal places to hide from her. If caught up to the 7th time, you will be punished by the nun in the way of Satan.

    Evil Nun gameplay 1024x768

    When running away from this sick school, you will have to solve the puzzles given by Evil Nun to find more clues about escape and more. Puzzles can appear anywhere in the school. By searching and using props such as keys, holy water cups, etc., gradually, you can decipher difficult questions and discover mysteries underneath the school.

    It is worth mentioning in this game that you cannot damage or defeat the ghost, you can only escape, hide and decode. A cycle is always repeated. There will be no autonomy here. Passive and fearful are all you can feel. Good luck.

    Laundry room with scary secrets

    Evil Nun screenshot 1024x768

    Locked up in this school full of evil smells, the top priority is to escape from here as quickly as possible. But wait, there seems to be something even worse under the laundry room. Is a ghost cemetery, a shady plot or a secret path to escape from this place? Before running away from this place, don’t forget to discover all the mysteries in the game.

    Different difficulty and ghost mode

    If you have overcome the challenge of escaping for the first time, don’t oversleep on the victory, Evil Nun has 3 different levels of difficulty! A high level of difficulty means that the nun will move more quickly. Maybe you can easily overcome the easy level but surely, you will still have to sweat when trying the hard mode.

    Evil Nun apk 1024x768

    Another special mode is for those who are tired of day-to-day knocked in the head by the Nun or simply wants to discover the mysteries behind the school, Ghost Mode. When in the state of ghosts, players will not be able to be seen, completely free to move, perform puzzle without fear of her being discovered. Sometimes looking at her face to face is a fairly new experience.


    Evil Nun does not have a massive graphics platform and is not appreciated in this regard. However, the simple image mixed with horror and bloody is more than enough to make the player have to chill.

    Evil Nun graphics 1024x768

    The first view is full of realistic but creepy plus spooky sound, haunting players throughout the game will definitely be a great advantage of this game.

    MOD APK version of Evil Nun

    MOD Features

    • Unlimited Coins
    • No Ads

    Download Evil Nun MOD APK for Android

    After many updates, the Evil Nun storyline has finally been completed. From now on players can explore the plot thoroughly without waiting for updates from the manufacturer. If you are looking for horror, violent game but also requires reasoning and intelligence, this is a great choice. But if you’re at home alone at midnight, this game might be a very bad choice!

    Evil Nun APK v1.7.6
    Evil Nun APK (MOD Money, No Ads) v1.7.6