Extra Hot Chili 3D 1.9.70

NameExtra Hot Chili 3D
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
Version1.9.70 (build 24)
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Let’s play Extra Hot Chili 3D APK to know how surprising it is due to the crazy things. Are you ready? Download it now!

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Extra Hot Chili 3D
    1. The game is full of chili and chili
    2. Every scene is a joke with chili
    3. Play without thinking
    4. Graphics and sound
  2. Download Extra Hot Chili 3D APK for Android

    Introduce about Extra Hot Chili 3D

    Be careful when playing with chili unless you want to burn your lips!

    Like life, the game also has thousands of crazy ideas. As if to demonstrate that unlimited crazy, a few game makers have created games like no other, from the idea to the shape of the characters. Today I want to introduce to you this game Extra Hot Chili 3D. Let’s see how crazy it is!

    The game is full of chili and chili

    Extra Hot Chili 3D is a real leisure game. There are almost no challenges throughout the game from level 1 to several levels later. As the game name suggests, you will only play with Chili. Each level is a different form but revolves around the main character, the chili. And you are a crazy fan of Chili. You do all kinds of things, where there is chili, you are there. Your only task is to sort the Chili and the things that are not Chili. If it’s chili, put it in your mouth; if it’s not, don’t touch it unless you will lose points. That’s all. So crazy, right?

    Well, the crazy doesn’t stop there. During your journey of “playing with chili”, you will face many different styles and colors of chili peppers, other daily food, and sometimes even a disgusting dish like shit, Ewww. Later, the speed and frequency of appearance of these dishes mixed with colorful chili peppers are increasing. It’s not too fast, but it will confuse you with mixed colors. Anyway, just collect as many chilies as you can, okay?

    Every scene is a joke with chili

    What makes me surprised in this game is not a different idea but the creativity of the game-making team when making all kinds of games with chili. For example, scene 1 is the game where you wait for chili peppers right under a chef’s conveyor belt. Scene 3 is where you play with a blender, if all the red and green chilies outside are crushed, you win. In scene 7, you cut a giant red chili and scrap off the chili seeds in it, then you win.

    Scene 12 is where you only show your head, move quickly on the screen to grab a series of red and green chili peppers in front of you while dodging all the dishes from normal to horrors like milk, fruit, and even a pile of rotten shit.

    Interspersed between the levels are a few lucky draws. Spin once and get the bonus points, which will be added to your entire accumulated points.

    Play without thinking

    Extra Hot Chili 3D can be said to be the dumbest and most leisure game I’ve ever played. Your only operation is just touching to move the character back and forth, left and right. That’s all. Literally like that, there are no tricks here. It’s so easy that I think kids can play it well. For adults, this is super light entertainment. You don’t need to weigh any neurons nor think too far. All you do is kill time with the crazy green and red and yellow chili peppers in the game.

    Graphics and sound

    Its graphics are also very weird. Extra Hot Chili 3D’s chili addicts all have one thing in common: a rumpled, endless boredom face, eyes without any expression, huge mouth with thick lips because of eating too many chilies all day. Their only expression is when they eat all the chili peppers in front of them. Their ears are smoking, their faces are red from being too spicy, but their eyes are blinking and sparkling while their mouths are smiling so happily.

    Yeah, that’s the only expression in this game. Look at the character, outsiders glancing at your phone screen may think you’re playing some kind of “perverted” game. 

    This simple entertainment phone game has only one soft background music throughout the game and a few small sound effects. But no worries at all, just that is enough for you to have a lot of fun.

    Download Extra Hot Chili 3D APK for Android

    Extra Hot Chili 3D is a game to burn time. You will never get bored playing it, not because it’s difficult or it’s deep or has a great cast of characters, but simply because it is so light for you to pass the boring time. I believe you will get so much fun from those seemingly silly levels in this game. Also, keep this game on your mobile for your wonderful free time.

    Extra Hot Chili 3D APK v1.9.70