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Fap CEO MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is an interesting management game of the Nutaku publisher. About Fap CEO In this game, you are the CEO of a small

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  1. About Fap CEO
    1. Become a talented CEO
    2. Hire hot, sexy girls
    3. I love this graphics

About Fap CEO

In this game, you are the CEO of a small company, responsible for hiring employees, managing them and finding ways to develop your company. If this company is real, I can confirm that you are the luckiest man on Earth. Why? Your employees are all exceptionally beautiful, hot girls and of course, you are the only man in your company. Besides developing your company, you can find ways to flirt with them and invite them to dinner.

Become a talented CEO

Fap CEO gameplay 1024x567

Like Game Dev Tycoon, basically, the gameplay of Fap CEO revolves around managing and developing a company owned by you. When your company is at the beginning, you have only one employee. Work hard, earn some money, hire more employees, expand your office, keep working hard, … That’s how you grow your company. Essentially, your company invests in the field of video chat. You hire beautiful girls to chat and do many things to attract lots of viewers, through which you earn profits.

Hire hot, sexy girls

I am a simple man, so this is the part I like the most in Fap CEO. Every day, your company has many beautiful girls applying for jobs. You can hire them, train them and earn profits when they work, as long as you have enough money to pay them. Your first employee is Amber – the hot secretary with blond hair and a blue dress. After that, you can hire more employees and expand your office. Don’t forget to upgrade your staffs so they can bring in more money.

Fap CEO MOD ingame 1024x576

Besides work, you can flirt and chat with your employees via email. In the evening, you can chat with them, talk about love stories and send selfies to each other. If you’re lucky, you may have a romantic relationship, but if you fail, you can lose your employees.

I love this graphics

Fap CEO graphics 1024x576

Made by a Japanese studio, Fap CEO has 2D graphics with beautiful Anime-style images. I absolutely love the way they create beautiful, hot and sexy female characters. They also have very cute and charming voices. If these girls are real, I will definitely be a big fan of them.

Fap CEO APK ([Money]) v1.102
Fap CEO APK v1.102