Fate/Grand Order 2.20.1

NameFate/Grand Order
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Version2.20.1 (build 132)
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Fate/Grand Order APK (Also called FGO) - The Japanese legends game returns with the English version, and now not only Japanese but foreign have been able

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  1. About Fate/Grand Order
    1. Story
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    About Fate/Grand Order

    You need to know that in Japan, Fate/Grand Order can be considered one of the most successful mobile games. Right after its release in 2015, Fate / Grand Order quickly topped the download rankings on the AppStore and Google Play, as well as topping the Top Grossing rankings. Even so, not only Japanese people but even more gamers in the world are fond of this online game.

    Fate Grand Order


    Players will become Masters, along with Heroic Spirits (also known as Servants), who embark on a journey in the past called the Grand Order. The epic story and the exciting fighting system combined together make this game called the history of the Holy Grail War. Game elevates solidarity, justice, peace…

    The story includes a master script as well as many character scripts, combined with a story of over a million words. With the English version, surely this game will also be more successful.


    fate grand order 2

    The gameplay is built in the style of prime cards. In the game, the player can combine the use of cards to give his Servants the chance to attack, even combining the cards to give the character a special attack with close effect.

    In this battle, you will have to destroy the bones that hinder you from reaching the finish line. You and your teammates increase the unity of your enemies, the card game is no stranger to all players, you will have to spin the cards and then pick up 3 cards to fight the bones. Characters will have different beautifully beautiful skills that will be launched to destroy the enemy, requiring clever and clever combinations of teammates together.

    fate grand order 3

    With tactical, Servants are divided into different classes in a similar system of Drag – Hammer – Slaughter. Saber is stronger than Lancer, Lancer is stronger than Archer and Archer are stronger than Saber. Berserker is a wild card that deals twice as much damage. The Ruler – the rarity of the game – is the only Servant Resist to deal with damage from all classes except the Avenger. Avenger is a new class that is updated to help players fight against high-level rulers. It can be seen that the Servant system in the Fate series has been used for very good tactical play.


    fate grand order 4

    Highly detailed graphic design in the game, using beautiful 2D – Fate/Grand Order animated Japanese style with bright and sharp colors, skill effects. Beautifully designed by the developers as modern as the battle in Anime animation.

    Download Fate/Grand Order APK for Android

    Overall Fate/Grand Order is a game that brings a lot of emotions to the players, the intense battle to the last minute with beautiful graphics, super miraculous skills, the battle between good and evil waiting for you.

    You can download the English version of the game via the link below. Fate/Grand Order supports both Android and iOS, with iOS, you can install from the App Store, while for Android you have two options: install from Google Play or install directly from the APK file.

    Fate/Grand Order APK v2.20.1