Grand Criminal Online 0.38 (Unlimited HP/Energy/Armor)

Next Level
NameGrand Criminal Online
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PublisherNext Level
Size696 MB
Version0.38 (build 100035)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited HP/Energy/Armor

Do you love GTA series? Download now Grand Criminal Online MOD APK, a multiplayer open world action game for Android phones.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Grand Criminal Online
    1. Gameplay
    2. You can do anything in this city
    3. Play with friends
  2. MOD APK version of Grand Criminal Online
    1. MOD Features
    2. Note when installing
  3. Download Grand Criminal Online MOD APK for Android

    Introduce about Grand Criminal Online

    Grand Theft Auto is the popular game series from Rockstar Games. Although it was developed very early, its graphic design and gameplay have not become outdated, and even received a strong response on Android. You can try some games like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, GTA 4 MOBILE Edition or Grand Theft Auto III. However, this article I do not refer to them, but another product from the publisher Next Level, a game called Grand Criminal Online.


    Have you ever dreamed of being a hardworking citizen, always working hard and looking for a brilliant career? You want to rebel, become a gangster and earn money easily? Or a CEO who runs multiple companies with large businesses at the same time? Grand Criminal Online gives you the chance to be whoever you want to be.

    Grand Criminal Online mod apk

    The game does not have a specific plot, nor does the player have to play in a certain pattern. However, the quest system still gives you a lot of things to do, often involving rebellious things like stealing a car, or fighting with other people.

    I have been experiencing Grand Criminal Online for a while. My favorite activities are finding and defeating the gangsters. This is quite interesting, as I go through small battles with my hands in turn, then scale up to a larger scale using machine guns and other means of war like missiles and tanks.

    And a game as realistic as Grand Criminal Online, the city you live in will operate under the control of the law. Therefore, when you are not wise and strong enough, do not try to rebel, because you are difficult to escape from annoying policemen. They’re armed with guns and cars.

    You can do anything in this city

    The truth is, the city where you live in Grand Criminal Online is chaotic. Not only gangsters, but also thieves and corrupt cops. They are always around, and if you do something to make them unhappy, they will kill you.

    Grand Criminal Online gameplay

    So, this has raised a problem that you need to be armed to protect yourself. Grand Criminal Online has a large equipment system, enough for you to destroy this entire city. From melee weapons like knives and baseball bats to pistols, rifles, machine guns and mortars. They are very useful in real combat, when you are facing a group of people.

    But what excites me most is the armored tank, with its tremendous destructive power. In the future, when you clash with government forces, the police and even the army will hunt and try to kill you. Don’t get pushed to the end, buy a tank and destroy everything in sight.

    In addition, you can also rob the cars on the road for convenience in moving. If you can’t fight back, run to protect yourself, collect weapons and wait for the opportunity to counterattack.

    Play with friends

    A big city where only you rebel will be very sad, because the interaction of the game is insignificant. However, you can connect with your friends and experience Grand Criminal Online together, exploring each path and scouring the deadliest bosses.

    Grand Criminal Online for android

    As seen in most open world games, Grand Criminal Online has added an online feature. This is a factor that people are interested in.

    MOD APK version of Grand Criminal Online

    MOD Features

    • Unlimited HP
    • Unlimited Energy
    • Unlimited Armor

    Note when installing

    Make sure you download and install OBB from MODXP. Otherwise, the game may not work.

    If the game crashes in the first time you open, please open it again.

    Download Grand Criminal Online MOD APK for Android

    Grand Criminal Online is what I’ve been waiting for. The game has the familiar open-world gameplay, but with the addition of a connection feature so that everyone can play together. Now, install this game on your device, and make your dream of becoming a gangster, or a brilliant CEO that you have always dreamed of.

    Grand Criminal Online APK ([Unlimited HP/Energy/Armor]) v0.38
    Grand Criminal Online APK v0.38