Hills of Steel 2 2.11.0 (No Skill CD)

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NameHills of Steel 2
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
Version2.11.0 (build 154)
MOD FeaturesNo Skill CD

Hills of Steel 2 MOD APK takes you to exciting and dramatic 3v3 tank battles with online players. Download it now!

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Hills of Steel 2
    1. Join the endless tank battle
    2. How to play?
    3. Unique battle tanks
    4. Upgrade your tanks to become stronger
    5. Events and daily activities
  2. MOD APK version of Hills of Steel 2
    1. MOD feature
  3. Download Hills of Steel 2 MOD APK for Android

    Introduce about Hills of Steel 2

    Join the endless tank battle

    Inheriting the gameplay from its predecessor, Hills of Steel 2 gives you endless battles. Participating in the game, you will be awarded a tank. You will use it to go to the battlefield and destroy opposing enemies. The bottom line is that the battles take place in 3vs3 format, not solo. Each time an opponent is defeated, the team will be awarded one point. Until the allotted time is over, the system will calculate points to find the winner.

    Hills of Steel 2 mod apk

    How to play?

    The controls of Hills of Steel 2 are still very simple. The functions for forward / backward movement, aim and use of special abilities are stowed away on either side of the screen. You just need to tap to perform the corresponding action.

    As we can see, Hills of Steel 2 is easy to play and easy to master control skills. However, to win, the player must combine many factors such as terrain, teammates, or the tank’s ability. All three factors affect the outcome of the war. Terrain, for example. You should not stand on a slope to shoot at enemies below, because you have nothing to cover every time a counterattack occurs. Your teammates will also have difficulty supporting you if you try to fight alone.

    Unique battle tanks

    The tanks are the main part of Hills of Steel 2. There are many different models, each equipped with weapons and special abilities.

    Joker – the default tank the system gives you using only normal ammo. However, it is quite light so that it can shoot at a faster speed than other tanks. The Stinger possesses an advanced missile system. It can fire up to 6 rockets in one hit, dealing massive damage. But in return, the Stinger’s special abilities are quite weak and take longer to reload. Another model I want to talk about is the Gatlyn – which is equipped with a machine gun with great damage and fast speed. Gatlyn is rare, so it will cost you more money and time to get it.

    Hills of Steel 2 screenshot

    After all, that’s not all I want to say. There are dozens of other models with special looks waiting for you to explore. For example, Shift – a spider robot of the epic type, or Scorpion – a legendary scorpion robot, has 3 times more HP than a conventional robot.

    In addition, you can also replace skins for your models. Skin is designed quite beautifully. They are just symbolic, bring better effects, not add any attributes.

    Upgrade your tanks to become stronger

    Control skills are an important part of tank shooting games like Hills of Steel 2. However, the power aspect should also be ensured to not get too far behind by your opponents. Hills of Steel 2 has integrated additional features to upgrade and equipment to enhance their damage and combat ability. Therefore, it is understandable that one combat tank can fire different ammunition types.

    Models can be upgraded through the tank’s card. For example, for the Joker, you need 10 cards to level 2, 20 cards to level 3… Understandably, these cards are like experience points. But the cards are harder to get because not all wins yield cards.

    In terms of equipment, each model can add up to three additional equipment including ammunition and weapons. At level 2, you can only add one item. When you reach level 5 and 10, you will be able to install the rest of the equipment.

    Events and daily activities

    Hills of Steel 2 download

    There are quite a few events held in Hills of Steel 2. At the time when I introduced this game to you, Rare Duel, Domination and Team Survival was going on. Each event, you participate in battles with different rules, rewards and challenges.

    In addition, Hills of Steel 2 also has more daily activities such as login to receive rewards, quests, … Don’t miss them!

    MOD APK version of Hills of Steel 2

    MOD feature

    No Skill CD

    Download Hills of Steel 2 MOD APK for Android

    The fierce battle is going on in Hills of Steel 2. Everyone is trying to fight, record achievements to be on the world rankings. What about you? Can you afford to do that? Download Hills of Steel 2 and join the battle now!

    Hills of Steel 2 APK ([No Skill CD]) v2.11.0
    Hills of Steel 2 APK v2.11.0