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Version5.3 (build 200053)
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House Life 3D MOD APK (No Ads) is a simple, fun puzzle game with pure content, revolving around simple things in life. The game is suitable for all ages, especially children.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about House Life 3D
    1. Gameplay
    2. An educational game
    3. Some entertaining games
    4. Play with your kids
    5. Graphics
  2. MOD APK version of House Life 3D
    1. MOD feature
  3. Download House Life 3D APK for Android

    Introduce about House Life 3D

    Nowadays, simulation games are gaining popularity. Each topic in life is viewed in a humorous and funny way under the eyes of the developer, then turned them into interesting entertainment products. For the My City series, you will play as a boy/girl and go on your journey of discovery everywhere in the city. As for House Life 3D that I am about to introduce below, you will have fun with the parents and children right in the house.


    Overall, the space of House Life 3D is built quite narrow. All games and activities take place in the house only. However, not so that the game loses its interest. You will always be able to have fun with your family members.

    House Life 3D has a lot of activities, mainly solving the puzzles and housework. This may sound boring, but you will soon find that real joy comes from the simplest jobs. For example, replacing batteries for TV remotes, arranging furniture and clothes in suitcases, cleaning clutter-free items on the table, and throwing trash in trash cans.

    An educational game

    House Life 3D has pure content, suitable for kids from 3 years old. Its gameplay is also very simple, even with a tendency to educate children. Therefore, this game is very suitable for you to play with your children and teach them some simple but necessary knowledge in life.

    Mostly, the controls are just touch and drag on the screen. The road has been divided into several sections, you need to arrange and fit them into the right positions for cars to circulate. The other picture is not completed yet, please assemble the puzzle pieces on the table to form the complete picture, …

    Besides, you need to help your kids complete homework. This is the time when you need to help your child learn. The homework is quite simple, for example choosing a suitable math operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication or division) to make a meaningful expression, pairing animals with their favorite food, … Also, it should be noted that homework will take place on days 10, 20, 30. The difficulty will gradually increase, and that’s when you need to help the children understand the meaning of the puzzle and let them solve by themself.

    In general, these seemingly simple things also make an impact on young children. Both help them create while creating a very close entertainment space for them.

    Some entertaining games

    In addition to chores around the house, sometimes, you and your kids should also have fun together. House Life 3D has a range of entertaining games included. Everyone can go out and play jump rope, bowling, play basketball, … These sports activities are quite interesting, but the time to play is not much. The game will automatically move to the next challenge/day when the goal is completed such as jumping rope 5 times or throwing 4 balls into the basket in a row.

    In addition, the game also features a number of other popular video games like Flappy Bird, racing, bowling, find the differences between the two pictures and more.

    Play with your kids

    It cannot be denied that everyone’s daily life is very busy. Parents sometimes cannot spend a lot of time with their children, doing small things together like cutting their hair or playing rope skipping together. But, the purpose that House Life 3D was created is to give everyone a common space where everyone can be close to each other, doing the smallest chores together.

    You can shave your dad. Dry your girl’s hair, cut her hair, or even dye it with more vibrant color. Soon, you will feel the simple games but bring moments of joy and happiness. House Life 3D is a bridge, helping people want to be closer to each other.


    House Life 3D is designed on a 3D graphics platform. Although there are not too many scenes and characters, the three characters with the house in this game are quite meticulously designed, with many expressions and actions.

    A minus point is that House Life 3D has no background music, perhaps the publisher wants to help the kids focus on the puzzles.

    MOD APK version of House Life 3D

    MOD feature

    No Ads: No more banner ads and ad videos. You can leave the phone to your children, no need to worry about the ad content suddenly appearing while they are playing this game.

    Download House Life 3D APK for Android

    House Life 3D is an interesting game. Although its gameplay is quite simple and somewhat monotonous, in general, the content is quite meaningful, suitable for any age, especially young children.

    And so far, House Life 3D is still being actively developed. New features and new mini games are constantly being added to give players a better experience. Download this game and have fun with your kids.

    House Life 3D APK v5.3
    House Life 3D APK (MOD No Ads) v5.3