i Peel Good 1.8.2 (Unlimited Stars, No Ads)

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Namei Peel Good
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RequiresAndroid 4.4
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Fruits are everyone's favourite food. Before eating, many fruits require us to peel them. We often use a knife and peel the fruit by hand. This is not an

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  1. About i Peel Good
    1. Gameplay
    2. More than 150 fruits
    3. Adjust rotation speed
    4. Graphics
  2. MOD APK version of i Peel Good
    1. MOD Features
  3. Download i Peel Good MOD APK for Android

    About i Peel Good

    This game is released by Lion Studios. This is the publisher often using familiar things in daily life to create simple, fun games. Some of the Lion Studios games that I have introduced to you are Happy Glass (fill the cup with water), Love Balls (draw lines for the ball).


    i Peel Good is a simulation game that allows you to peel fruits easily and delicately right on your phone. In this game, you are a chef tasked with peeling fruits. No need to be too skillful and require many techniques like peeling fruits in the kitchen, you just need to touch and swipe on the screen to peel fresh fruits. Get ready for dinner!

    The fruit automatically spins on your screen, touching the screen to the knife peel them. You can choose the one between a knife and a peeler. Do not hold your finger for too long if you do not want your fruit to be cut too deeply and cause it to lose its original shape.

    After peeling the fruit, you can try cutting them in Perfect Slices MOD APK.

    More than 150 fruits

    If you think i Peel Good consists of levels that are repetitive and lacking in challenges, you’re wrong. The game owns up to 150 different fruits, corresponding to 150 levels for you. Some simple fruits like apples, onions, potatoes can be easy. But when you peeling fruits like pineapples, pumpkins, things seem more difficult.

    After you finish peeling a fruit, you will discover the next fruits. The game calculates your score by the number of stars, with up to 3 stars. There are many factors to increase stars, such as the length of the peel, the number of peel you missed, slices too deep, … In fact, you do not need to complete the level with 3 stars to go to the next level. By successfully peeling fruit with one star, you can still be level up. This means i Peel Good towards relaxation for players. Fruit peeling is a task that requires ingenuity and concentration, without pressure or stress. After that, you can go back and complete all the old levels with the maximum score.

    Adjust rotation speed

    That right. You can adjust the rotation speed of the fruit (from x0.5 to x2) by touching the Gear icon in the right corner of the screen. Slow rotation speed is suitable for new players or fruits with scabrous peel, you can easily adjust and peel them. If you are confident with your fruit peeling talent, challenge your fingers by choosing the x2 speed.


    With a simple game like i Peel Good, graphics are very important factors in inspiring players. The game has very unique and impressive 3D graphics. The fruits such as apples, bananas, onions, … are designed very detailed, similar to reality. If you enjoy eating fruits, the game can make you feel hungry every time you play.

    In particular, your device will vibrate every time you use a knife or a peeler to peel the fruit. This is a special effect, contributing to the realistic of the game. If you don’t like your phone vibrating, disable it in Settings.

    MOD APK version of i Peel Good

    MOD Features

    • Unlimited Stars
    • No Ads

    Download i Peel Good MOD APK for Android

    Each slice of fruit brings relaxation and comfort for players. The relaxation and concentration while playing this game is like you are meditating. It helps you eliminate stress after a tiring day at work. The game does not require an internet connection, you can play anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re at work, on the subway or relaxing in the cafe, you can relax with i Peel Good.

    i Peel Good APK v1.8.2
    i Peel Good APK (MOD Stars) v1.8.2