Idle Police Tycoon 1.2.2 (Unlimited Money)

NameIdle Police Tycoon
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money

Can the police make a lot of money? The answer is absolutely world. Just download the MOD APK version of Idle Police Tycoon. Introduce about Idle Police

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Idle Police Tycoon
    1. How to play
    2. Office expansion
    3. Manage your resources
    4. Become a great leader
  2. MOD APK version of Idle Police Tycoon
    1. MOD Feature
    2. Why can’t I see limitless money?
  3. Download Idle Police Tycoon MOD APK for Android

    Introduce about Idle Police Tycoon

    Codigames is a Spanish studio with a passion for social idle games. Previously, MODXP introduced to readers some typical products such as: Idle Supermarket Tycoon, Prison Empire Tycoon, Idle Life Sim, Hotel Empire Tycoon and Idle Theme Park Tycoon. They have been well received, and thanks to this dynamic, we will continue to present: Idle Police Tycoon – a game that gives you the chance to be a police tycoon.

    How to play

    Idle Police Tycoon brings idle gameplay. In it, you become the captain of a small police office. Your duties are to administer this place, keep neighbourhoods secure, receive and process requests from residents, develop offices, and manage offenders.

    Idle Police Tycoon screenshot

    Overall, there is quite a bit of work to be done. However, they did not come so overwhelmingly at the beginning. Approach the game gently, through a series of introductions and instructions from Wilson Mcgee – an experienced cop.

    The office was completely empty, and it didn’t seem ready for operation. So get it working again by hiring a receptionist to take requests from citizens. You just need to click on one of four locations at the reception to access the store, where the staff are. They are paid by the hour, and you should consult to hire candidates whose prices are not too high.

    Next, after you have received the request, you need to process it to receive the bonus. The detective or other police officers will do these jobs. But there is almost nobody in your office, so you will continue to move to the office and hire additional staff accordingly.

    In the future, new activities and features will be unlocked. Tasks and tasks are constantly increasing, requiring your office to operate more efficiently.

    Office expansion

    Your job is to keep the community safe. And to do that, you need to build a large headquarters with a large, experienced police force.

    Idle Police Tycoon for Android

    First of all, try to develop your office. With small size and low performance, you will not be able to hire more than 10 employees.

    Idle Police Tycoon offers a lot of challenges, when you complete them, you will receive bonuses, achievements and the chance to upgrade the office into a larger building. This is quite important because it helps you keep important documents while being able to receive more requests from people. The city will be safe, orderly and free from criminals under your control.

    Next, you can hire more detectives or police officers. With a large squad, the police department can always handle violations and disorderly behaviours in the city. Although you pay high salaries for these employees, they will help you earn more!

    Manage your resources

    Besides manpower, you also need resources for the police station to operate more effectively. Police officers and detectives will find it difficult to catch a thief or an armed robber if they are not fully equipped.

    Idle Police Tycoon MOD APK

    Unlock new technologies, buy more guns, cars, armored vehicles, and even tanks to maintain security. They can also be upgraded. Although it costs quite a lot, but this is an essential factor that cannot be ignored.

    Become a great leader

    Try to be a great leader. That will be assessed by the safety level of the county you are administering. If you do a good job, you will be assigned to a manager in larger police stations.

    Being there though is more challenging, but it offers a great source of bonuses, while you can showcase your talents.

    MOD APK version of Idle Police Tycoon

    MOD Feature

    Unlimited Money: Use the money we give you to shop, unlock the necessary equipment for your police officers. Hire top officers, police and detectives to make your business more efficient.

    Why can’t I see limitless money?

    Money will increase when you use it.

    Download Idle Police Tycoon MOD APK for Android

    Idle Police Tycoon is a game with interesting content. You will be role-playing as the sheriff, running an office that operates with the task of keeping the city and its residents safe. Its gameplay is very simple, mostly clicking, clicking and clicking. The elements will be purchased and operated on their own, however, you must devise the policies and strategies if you don’t want your business to go bankrupt.

    Idle Police Tycoon APK v1.2.2
    Idle Police Tycoon APK (MOD Money) v1.2.2