Inked 1.35

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RequiresAndroid 4.4
Version1.35 (build 35)
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Inked APK is an exciting and novel puzzle adventure game developed by Nurverse and Starbreeze AB. Download it for free here!

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Inked
    1. Background and story
    2. Gameplay
    3. Graphics and sound
  2. Download Inked APK free for Android

    Introduce about Inked

    What makes the game special is the player’s unique graphics, with the visual effects drawn with a ballpoint pen. Inked gives players a new feeling, like stepping into a world of adventure in the pages written out from a novel, which is made up of pen strokes. In that world, the gamer’s adventures are described and recorded page by page.

    Background and story

    Set foot in the magical world of Inked, you will transform into a samurai named Nameless Hero written by the cartoonist Adam. Accompanying adventure with the “anonymous hero” in the battles and challenges is the assistant Aiko. The journey begins for players to overcome many difficulties, test their patience and intelligence to find back the identity and the things lost of Nameless Hero. All will build up a touching story of sacrifice and hope.

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    This is a puzzle adventure game, so the gameplay focuses on puzzles and interaction, so players must constantly use their imagination and intelligence to solve problems. The game’s tough topic helps our hero with Aiko, overcome the challenge, and find out why this unknown hero lost his beloved son.

    Basically, this gameplay is quite similar to puzzle adventure games like Very Little Nightmare, Limbo… However, the Eastern context is more suitable with Asian culture, with an attractive storyline and creative gameplay. With high entertainment, Inked promises to be a mobile game with great attraction for gamers who love to explore and bring many new experiences and promises to be a hot game soon.

    Inked APK for Android

    Rich game content, diverse game elements with many eye-catching graphics scenes. Along with that, the difficulty is always increasing with each level, challenging the intelligence and patience of the player.

    Graphics and sound

    Experience throughout the game is a thrilling, mysterious atmosphere. The style of painting in ink, besides the game’s music and sound, is awe-inspiring, changing to suit the level’s context. The characters are shaped from a ballpoint pen through the hands of cartoonist Adam. I feel they are cute, lively, and close. The controls of the game are also very smooth and flexible.

    Starting with dreams, you explore a poetic journey, travel through a vast geometrical world, and experience profound stories in painting. Use creative gameplay to build worlds and solve ink puzzles. The story of the game is about love and revenge, in line with the old knight image.

    Inked free download

    In the world of flat geometry created, you will solve an unknown mystery through your own efforts and exploration. From there, you discover the secrets that have lost the love of an unknown hero.

    Download Inked APK free for Android

    Inked is a paid game for players to own, but it will definitely satisfy the most demanding gamers with the specialties and charm. The game gives players a relaxed mood, stimulates unlimited curiosity and daydreams, and allows them to use various creative methods to solve challenges and obstacles.

    What are you waiting for? Put on your hat and take the sword on your hips, turn into a samurai, who adventure in a giant and mysterious world surrounded by exotic areas. Hundreds of challenging levels are waiting for you to conquer. The game costs $ 3.99 on Google Play. You can immediately download Inked APK for free via the links below.

    Inked APK v1.35