Kritika: The White Knights 4.12.4

NameKritika: The White Knights
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Version4.12.4 (build 154)
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Kritika: The White Knights APK is a role-playing game from GAMEVIL, which is remade from the famous PC version. Get it here!

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Kritika: The White Knights
    1. Why is Kritika always the most attractive name in mobile RPG games?
    2. When playing and fighting in the game, you will live a life of your own
    3. Graphics and sound effects
  2. Download Kritika: The White Knights APK for Android

    Introduce about Kritika: The White Knights

    Play as a white-clad warrior engulfing the devil with the wrath of justice.

    Why is Kritika always the most attractive name in mobile RPG games?

    Kritika: The White Knights is a classic fighting role-playing game that every player of this genre on mobile should try at least once. The game has been out for a long time and so far there is no sign of cooling down. In the game, you will enjoy the action scenes with eye-catching action with a lot of super-powerful heroes.

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    Gameplay is still traditional combat role-playing, nothing has changed in skills as well as character upgrades. But the big difference is that Kritika: The White Knights are considered one of the mobile games with the most character classes available today, and the game is still adding more new classes. This has caused great excitement and created a strong connection among gamers. Currently, the game is providing players with 19 different classes and will be more in the future:

    1. Flame Striker: Who can overwhelm his enemies with fiery attacks and powerful cannon gauntlets.
    2. Blade Dancer: Destroy enemies with magical Phantom Sword strokes at the speed of light.
    3. Lina: The flaming hero terrifies enemies with her blazing flames and slaughtering spear.
    4. Strike Archer: With a fatal weapon of a bow and many different arrows, he can shoot and kill enemies thousands of miles away. Besides, he has a confidant which is a loyal falcon.
    5. Steam Walker: Defeat enemies with powerful kicks with super damage.
    6. Halo Mage: A person who can use both artillery fire and light magic to destroy extremely powerful enemies.
    7. Monkr: Use his fists and magic from  Gem of Good and Evil to destroy monsters.
    8. Mystic Wolf Guardian: Skilled in controlling lightning with extremely destructive power.
    9. Noblia: Who has the power of the mind, can dominate the enemy with the ability to mix many different weapons.
    10. Ice Warlock: Who can initiate an icy magic attack to wipe all enemies off.
    11. Burst Breaker: Unpredictable warrior, unusually vivacious, can suddenly use special skills to blow away enemies
    12. Eclair: Who has the powerful lights that can burn all enemies.
    13. Blood Demon: Always hold a bloodthirsty spear in hand, this warrior’s close combat skills will make all monsters tremble.
    14. Demon Blade: Bloody blade will bring terror to all enemies.
    15. Crimson Assassin: Cold, destructive, and ruthless attack, kill anyone which enemy.
    16. Dark Valkyrie: Use magic power from chains and scythes carried around to kill enemies
    17. Berserker: A warrior with boundless strength accompanied by blue fury.
    18. Cat Acrobat: Agile, sneak through every corner and destroy all enemies.
    19. Shadow Mage: Using darkness to create power, envelop and suffocate enemies with their fear.

    In addition, this game is also praised for a series of elements such as attractive battle scenes, creepy hellish scenes, extremely frightening skill systems, EX… It’s so real that sometimes when playing this game I feel that the characters jump out from the screen.

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    Kritika: The White Knights has a lot of fans and warms them up by organizing large-scale online/offline events such as the Transcendental Awakening event in 2017 to release new characters, new skills, and Spell Power effects. 7-day rewards are exclusive cool skills such as The Secret of the Pet of Purity, Essence, Gold, and Lapiz.

    When playing and fighting in the game, you will live a life of your own

    Each character in the game has its own life, development, and strength along with its upgrade. For example, the recently released 13th character, Monk, is a mighty kung fu fighter with impressive magic. Monk has a life of his own, coming from an abandoned orphan, the abbot brought him home and taught Shaolin. But his destiny is attached to the dark gem full of magic, so as a man, Monk always struggles between good and evil.

    Or like the female characters who have just release, including Assassin Crimson Assassin, Cat Acrobat Cat, Blood Demon, and Dark Valkyrie. They all have transcendent Awakening skills. And in it, Blood Demon is provided with an impressive range of skills.

    The great point of the game is in the personality and strength of each character. When playing the game, you will understand their different life and personality. Not just a game, this is a story.

    Graphics and sound effects

    The game uses high-tech 3D graphics, wide viewing angle from the top, both helping you to enjoy all the epic battle scenes while observing all the long-range moves of your character and the opponent. Impressive characters, each class has its unmistakable mark. It is not an exaggeration to say that each of the warriors here can touch the player’s mind, their biographies, identities, and skills are the glue that binds players to this epic mobile game. Graphics and visual effects are the factors that make the game successful.

    Kritika The White Knights for Android 1440x810

    The sound effects in the game will make you have an unforgettable impression. The attacks, defenses, and responses of each character are different, especially thanks to visual effects, color schemes, and now even more sublimated with sound effects when hitting the enemy. The sound of weapons flying in the wind, the roar of monsters… You seem to be watching a majestic fantasy battle movie, not simply playing a game anymore.

    Download Kritika: The White Knights APK for Android

    Kritika: The White Knights is a classic fighting role-playing game with excellent 3D graphics, attractive characters. Moreover, the game constantly updated new battle scenes for players.

    Kritika: The White Knights APK v4.12.4