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If you want to challenge your survival instinct, face the rigours and lack of food, try LOST: Survive the Zombie Islands!

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about LOST
    1. Survival on a deserted island
    2. Challenge your survival instincts
    3. Fierce battles
    4. Crafting tools and weapons to become stronger
    5. Two modes to play
  2. How to install LOST APK + OBB
    1. Download LOST APK for Android

      Introduce about LOST

      LOST is a recently published adventure survival game. With interesting content, it soon received the love of the players, with over 20,000 5-star ratings and 100,000 installs.

      Survival on a deserted island

      Summer has come, you have the perfect plan for your vacation, after a period of hard work. Unfortunately, your flight has crashed. It was a huge storm, obscuring the view. Although the pilot attempted to lower his altitude, the plane’s wings were destroyed by a lightning bolt.

      LOST gameplay

      The plane crashed freely, drifting to a small island in the middle of the sea. Amidst all the deaths, you are the lucky one to survive. But there is also bad news. Those are the dead who have turned into zombies. Amid these dangers, you must fight for survival, while constantly looking for food to not starve.

      Challenge your survival instincts

      LOST is an interesting survival game. It has a storyline, and as you pass some stages of the game, you’ll unlock new content. When you first approach the island, you will find that there are many dangers around. Those are the zombies. They have a very bizarre appearance while looking for creatures that live to eat. According to the tutorials series, you’ll pick up a paddle to make a weapon, defeat them and protect yourself.

      LOST for android

      A mysterious character named Jane appears. She was once a soldier, so she has a talent for using weapons. She will assist you in fighting the undead. Assist you in finding weapons and a safe haven. Besides, Jane is also very kind. She gives information and tips on how to survive in this wilderness.

      Besides, you also need to pay attention to the issue of food. The character has a health indicator bar, and it will continuously decrease as the character is active. Therefore, you need to add food and water to him. Using some coconuts, water, bread from what’s left on the plane, or wild fruit on the island is also helpful.

      Fierce battles

      During the daytime, you often find very few dangers. But when night falls, everything comes out more clearly. The undead tends to gather around and hunt for prey. For that, you need a gun and solid shelter.

      LOST APK

      But in reality, shelters are often not really safe. The corpses are very numerous, they will overflow, even destroy the works that you so hard to build. There is only one way you can deal with your fear. Search for other survivors to fight together.

      The battles in LOST usually last quite a long time. But the undead moved slowly, so even with a machine gun and enough open terrain, you still could win. Of course, you must find a way to easily lead them to terrain in your favor. If you play in narrow areas, or confined to a house, you are very likely to be eaten by them.

      Crafting tools and weapons to become stronger

      For the most part, the available weapons were rather weak. They fell from inside the plane, including a few guns, chainsaw and some medical tools. They are not enough for you to sustain life for a long time.

      LOST provides the fabrication feature where you can create the necessary tools. Weapons, equipment, ammunition, medical equipment and much more. But to be able to start the fabrication process, you need to gather some specific materials like wood, metal, stone or all three. Move around the island and fight the undead, you can find them.

      Two modes to play

      There are two game modes available to you, PVP and PVE. PvP online mode is quite interesting, and LOST is one of the first survival games to feature this feature. You can meet real players, cooperate and fight with the zombies, mutant creatures on the island.

      PvE is the Offline mode. You will play along the storyline, and face challenges from the environment. It can be said that this mode is a bit more difficult and harsh.

      How to install LOST APK + OBB

      1. Extract the file “”.
      2. Copy the folder “com.ttc.lst” to the folder “Android/obb”.
      3. Install the APK file.

      Download LOST APK for Android

      The LOST challenges your survival instincts, as you accidentally get washed ashore on a deserted island, faced with dangerous things and food shortages. Search other people for symbiosis together, while searching for resources to craft essential items!

      LOST APK v1.28.7