Lost Island: Blast Adventure 1.1.986 (Unlimited Lives)

Plarium Global
NameLost Island: Blast Adventure
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PublisherPlarium Global
Size163 MB
RequiresAndroid 4.4
Version1.1.986 (build 986)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Lives

Lost Island: Blast Adventure MOD APK is a mobile puzzle adventure game from the publisher Plarium Global. Download this game here!

Table of contents
  1. Lost Island: Blast Adventure: Is adventure in the tropics fun?
    1. Adventure in the tropics
    2. Hit three birds with one stone
    3. Nice music, bright graphics, the tropical world is full of attraction
  2. MOD APK version of Lost Island: Blast Adventure
    1. MOD feature
  3. Download Lost Island: Blast Adventure MOD APK for Android

    Lost Island: Blast Adventure: Is adventure in the tropics fun?

    Adventure in the tropics

    At first glance, the content and the context seem no different from the previous puzzle and management simulation games I’ve played. But when you really dig in, try, and get fascinated, you will realize that everything is not easy. Every person that you meet on this island contains a secret that will take a long enough time to know, not to mention those secrets are all strung together in a way you cannot imagine (I don’t want to spoil it all).

    Lost Island Blast Adventure for Android 1440x810

    And finally, on the island, apart from you and the people around you, real people, there are also mysterious creatures and spirits. This is really the core of the word “adventure” that I said at first.

    To build your dream sea-facing house, it’s not just to gather furniture, materials and then design everything out. You also have to work yourself, learn all around the past and thoughts of each person, and solve their problems. It may sound like you are someone who likes to take care of other people’s affairs but believe me, their problems will be yours in the future, so it means you are helping yourself. You also need to understand what is going on on the island, dialogue with the hidden spiritual forces, and find ways to overcome the mysterious creatures’ challenges.

    Hit three birds with one stone

    If you are a fan of the puzzle game, a variety of levels with a huge number of challenges that our character must go through is enough to satisfy every puzzle addict. Along the way you will also have countless mini-games like this classic match & blast game.

    If you are a fan of adventure games, you should not hesitate to Lost Island because it will take you from surprise to surprise. Not to mention that you will meet and accompany Ellie, an interesting archaeologist with curiosity on the way to explore. Then together, search for secret treasures on the island, including gold, precious stones, and antiques.

    Lost Island Blast Adventure MOD APK download 1440x810

    And finally, if you love construction simulation games, then this is also the game for you. Building a house like a dream, sea view, and tropical style will satisfy your passion, especially those who love the resort-style. You will have to work from scratch, renovating the campus from a dilapidated view for a horrifying secret in the past. Not to mention the house, you can also continue to design surrounding buildings such as the beach, garden, villa, and path to the neighbor’s house. Rather, what you are building is a beach ecosystem for the island, not just a small house.

    And finally, all three elements: puzzle, adventure, and simulation, are cleverly intertwined. Thanks to the deep storyline, logical logic, and the character’s skills are guided smoothly. Players will have the opportunity to exploit their gaming skills without fully seeing a compulsion to combine the three-game genres in one place.

    Nice music, bright graphics, the tropical world is full of attraction

    The background music in Lost Island: Blast Adventure is also a commendable point, in my opinion. The music in the large area creating a sense of airiness when entering the island’s tropical space, the cheerful music when following the character on strolls on the sunny beach. The music hesitates when you suddenly discover a person’s secret, and the melancholy music when you talk to the souls lurking here. Professional DJs also have to take their hats off to music transitions in the game.

    Lost Island Blast Adventure MOD by MODXP 1440x810

    The graphics are like everyone has seen from my gameplay images above. Though character creation not too special and excellent, but the harmony and cheerful lines of the characters helps you step into these brain-damaging adventures in a very comfortable and gentle way. The surrounding landscape is colorful, right in a warm tropical style. In general, the game looks really fun, young and dynamic.

    MOD APK version of Lost Island: Blast Adventure

    MOD feature

    Unlimited Lives

    Download Lost Island: Blast Adventure MOD APK for Android

    What are you waiting for? Those who are addicted to the match 3 genre quickly download Lost Island: Blast Adventure now.

    Lost Island: Blast Adventure APK v1.1.986
    Lost Island: Blast Adventure APK (MOD Lives) v1.1.986