Love Academy 1.0.13 (Unlimited Energy)

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NameLove Academy
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PublisherWhee Games
Size72 MB
RequiresAndroid 5.0
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Energy

Flirt, date beautiful girls with Love Academy MOD APK (Unlimited Energy). This game will take you back to the student days, in a school full of beautiful, charming girls.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Love Academy
    1. The story
    2. Gameplay
    3. Many challenges
    4. Interact with teachers and friends
    5. Items
  2. MOD APK version of Love Academy
    1. MOD feature
  3. Download Love Academy MOD APK for Android

    Introduce about Love Academy

    Along with the development of technology, the simple match-3 games have now improved, even added the storyline and many other factors by the developer. Love Academy has been developed in that way. Sometimes, when I experience it, I can’t tell if this game belongs to the match-3 genre, visual novel or role-playing.

    The story

    Love Academy tells the story of a young student, just entering the university environment. He always thinks that college is the days work hard in the lecture hall, hard to study with a pile of textbooks and sleep days in the library.

    However, the university environment is not just about knowledge. It is also a memorable experience of friendship, teacher-student love, and overnight parties. Help the young student to enjoy the joys and solve all the challenges that he encounters.


    Despite mixing many genres, Love Academy still carries the typical match-3 gameplay. When you enter a challenge, you will score as many points as the challenge requires to win.

    Love Academy gameplay

    Points are scored by linking items together. Minimum of three items, while creating more than five items will form special boosters. These boosters are capable of destroying nearby items or destroying a whole row/column on the board. You will have to work towards such optimal gameplay in order to complete more challenges.

    There are two types of items on the board. The first is a common item, they come in a variety of colors and each color is assigned a certain number of points. If you want to get more points, you have to continuously increase your bonus with the second type of item, Lips. The bonus rate increases with rank. Third-tier Lips, corresponding to 75%. The second tier requires 8 Lips, which gives a 150% bonus ratio. Just like that, you will increase the bonus unlimitedly.

    However, Love Academy is not that easy. For each challenge, the number of moves is limited. And so, you have to balance between matching items to score, or linking Lips to increase the Bonus.

    Many challenges

    Over time, the difficulty level of Love Academy also gradually increased. You will be faced with challenges with more requests, while you only have a few number of moves.

    Some obstacle factors are also constantly appearing. Those are the accident diamonds. They will decrease one of your moves if you don’t destroy them in time.

    Interact with teachers and friends

    As mentioned, Love Academy is like a visual novel game, and therefore, you can interact with other characters in the game. They are the teachers and the beautiful girls in the school.

    Love Academy for android

    For teachers, they provide challenges, corresponding to classroom lessons and homework. If you can accomplish them, you gradually become an elite male student, more loved by everyone.

    For friends, they sometimes need help too. And if you can solve their puzzles, you will get the rewards.

    In addition to Alice and Miss Mailey, Love Academy also has dozens of other hot girls waiting for you to unlock. Complete their challenges, and collect sexy photos!


    The reward system in Love Academy is quite interesting. Not just cash, but popular items like USBs, headsets, sensitive personal photos of the characters, and a host of other school supplies. They are not merely iconic but also used to equip characters, making them more beautiful.

    Love Academy screenshot

    You can also earn these items while solving match-3 puzzles, receive rewards from the quest system, or purchase gift packs in the store.

    MOD APK version of Love Academy

    MOD feature

    Unlimited Energy: You get a lot of energy after solving the linker puzzle.

    Download Love Academy MOD APK for Android

    Love Academy is an exciting match-3 game, adding many elements to refresh the players experience.

    Although I don’t know your thoughts, I really like this game. It deserves 5/5 rating on Google Play. Many people will wonder why I have such an opinion. Simply because I can chat with other characters and make a decision. Each decision will branch the story into a different direction. And this is something that most match-3 games on the market haven’t done yet.

    In addition, the graphics of Love Academy are also meticulously designed. Characters with beautiful faces and smiling expressions will make you feel excited.

    Love Academy APK v1.0.13
    Love Academy APK (MOD Energy) v1.0.13