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NameLove You to Bits
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Version1.6.133 (build 1006133)
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Love You to Bits is a world with space, explosions and a collection of interesting and challenging puzzle question. These are fairly common features in

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    About Love You to Bits


    In this space adventure, you play as Kosmo – a young astronaut. One day, the ship where Kosmo and his girlfriend Nova were living was attacked by an unknown force. Nova, attempting to save them from danger by creating a “black hole” that drains all of the unknown force to another distant universe. Unfortunately, before disappearing, the unknown force still blows up the missile to blow Nova’s body to pieces. After witnessing the robot girlfriend Nova explode into hundred pieces, he travels through the galaxy with hoping to find each of Nova’s fragments, hoping one day will bring her back and recreate the lost love.


    Love You To Bits 2

    Then there is a game that will entertain you for hours. A puzzle game that helps Kosmo find different pieces of Nova’s body, a game that often gets you upsetting, scratching your head, similar to some of the most beautiful game titles you’ve ever experienced, such as Monument Valley 2.

    Love You To Bits 3
    Beautiful eyes and perfect in many ways, Love You to Bits has countless unique worlds.

    As you travel around the galaxy, you will see no world in common. Each world brings its own shape, interesting characters, and challenges. There are also classic science fiction movies and games that will please you, such as Blade Runner, Star Wars and Zelda. Fortunately, these tasks are sufficiently diverse to maintain a freshness when you travel in distant lands. The more you go, the more you will learn the skills and the rules to conquer the difficult task. But the game is also available for you a strange turn or change the environment to always keep the experience fresh.

    From the first level, you will be blocked by an alien giant creature with a fragment of Nova lying in the belly. Your task is to force the other creature to spray it out with the ability to observe, collect necessary items and find the way to pass.

    Love You To Bits 5
    Levels of play by theme ensure novelty, no matter how far you go.

    However, it is the emotions that always exist that make this game really stand out. Each body part and Nova’s forgotten memories will be paired up into a detail in the story of pain, described in a non-verbal comic. From time to time, you will be picking up a few souvenir items, with a lot of Nova memories, sometimes a Nova-made necklace, and then a Kosmo-styled figure. There are also many interesting details that when discovered make us laugh.

    Love You to Bits is designed with a simple but fun interface. Our main character, Kosmo, almost always makes foolish moves and gives a foolish smile to his lips. But it is the design that makes the player must be touched by a passionate love of the tireless boy to find the life of his girlfriend.

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    Download Love You to Bits APK for Android

    Love You to Bits is a smart, funny, and really touching game. The game seems to touch one of the most timeless themes in this life, love, simply no difference, simply love is only love. When you play Love You to Bits, you will find yourself cheering for lovers to find each other throughout the galaxy. Are you sure you will not cry, or just have your eyes hurt?!

    This game requires Android 4.0 or iOS 8.0 or higher to be able to experience, including iPhone and iPad.

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