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Version2.2.7 (build 222)
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    3. Customize your character
    4. Nice design
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    Introduce about Maybe: Interactive Stories

    Honestly, reading comics is a popular, addictive form of entertainment. They have even been adapted into Anime movies and mobile games. And recently, CINAMON GAMES – a game publisher has collaborated with the creators of webtoon to create Maybe: Interactive Stories.

    Specifically, Maybe: Interactive Stories is a visual novel game. It gives you a unique, more enjoyable experience when you become part of the story. So, get ready to roleplay!


    Maybe: Interactive Stories has several themes for you to choose from before you play. Love, vampires, fiction, career… At that time, the system will give you some introductory text about the character you are about to play, then let you choose the name, gender then dress up to start playing.

    Just like other visual novel games, when you step into a story, you are part of it. Maybe: Interactive Stories does not reveal much about the content of a story, but you will have to find out for yourself what is going on, what role you play and how you control it. To do that, you will interact with people and make decisions to take different actions. The system will display options for you to choose. And remember, your choices will affect the course of the story later.

    Lots of stories to explore

    Maybe: Interactive Stories has a lot of stories for you to role-play and explore. Do you like stories about LGBT love? Love? Drama? or fantasy theme? All in this game.

    However, Maybe: Interactive Stories does not encourage players to participate in multiple stories at the same time. Therefore, new content will be unlocked when the player completes the current story or achieves certain special achievements.

    Currently, Maybe: Interactive Stories has 5 main stories, including: Remarried Empress – The Medieval Fantasy Full of Intrigue, Flirting Island – Your Romance Story of a Lifetime, The Tyrant’s Bodyguard – Monarchy LGBT, Perfect Partner – Steamy Relationship Hit, Royal Blood – Hit Vampire Romance. Each story has smaller chapters, with special happenings and details. Let’s roleplay, play and explore them!

    Customize your character

    During the game, you can customize your character with the numerous skins the game offers.

    To explore, visit the store. Here, all kinds of clothes, dresses, hairstyles, watches, etc. You can tap on each item to try on your character. Turn the character into a charming girl, personality or whatever style you want.

    Nice design

    Graphics are one of the factors that make up the success of the visual novel game. And perhaps, Maybe: Interactive Stories has done this very well. The characters are beautifully designed, detailed and with clear expressions. The background is also quite elaborately designed. They change constantly and that makes the player not bored. If possible, I just hope the developer adds a feature to customize the character’s appearance so that players can create the character they love.

    Also, the text and layout are very well done.


    Maybe: Interactive Stories is marked as a game for 16-year-olds and up. Its content contains quite a lot of images and language related to sex, violence and other things that are not suitable for children. So, you need to know these things before downloading and installing the game.

    MOD APK version of Maybe: Interactive Stories

    MOD feature

    Free Shopping

    Download Maybe: Interactive Stories MOD APK for Android

    Each visual novel game has its own beauty. And with Maybe: Interactive Stories, it is highly appreciated in terms of content and graphics. So, if you are looking for an exciting visual novel game that offers a realistic feel, engaging content and beautiful characters, download this game via the links below.

    Maybe: Interactive Stories APK (MOD Free Shopping) v2.2.7
    Maybe: Interactive Stories APK v2.2.7