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NameMerge Magic!
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Version4.0.0 (build 150)
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There is a whole new game about enchanting myths. It is Merge Magic MOD APK (Free Shopping), the product of Gram Games - the publisher has been very

Table of contents
  1. About Merge Magic!
    1. Story
    2. Merge creatures
    3. Discover the wonderland
    4. Build your fairy garden
    5. Graphics

About Merge Magic!

An intellectual puzzle game series combined with a fascinating adventure story into a mysterious world. It is where you meet creatures that only exist in myths, learn and build your own fairy garden.

As mentioned above, Gram Games is a well-known publisher for popular titles like Merge Dragon, 1010!, Merge Gems!, etc. It can be easily seen that the games of this publisher tend to solve puzzles by merging objects. Therefore, this is also the way Gram Games asserted its position in the mobile game industry. Now let’s review Merge Magic! now.


Magic Merge! Take you into the fairytale world, where there are mysterious creatures with extraordinary powers. All are located in your beautiful garden. However, the garden is cursed by an evil witch. The garden was gradually invaded by a dark force with dark power. Your task is to make intelligent use of mythical creatures by incubating eggs and combining them to lift the curse. Win for items and build your own wonderful garden.

Merge Magic Screenshot

Merge creatures

In Merge Magic!, you have a mission to lift the curse of the gardens. With over 80 levels, it is really a very difficult challenge that you must overcome. Because confronting you is the evil force of the evil witch. But, don’t be too afraid! You have hundreds of legendary creatures.

Merge Magic Character System

Merge Magic! gives you a fairy world with hundreds of characters only in fairy. With over 500 mystical creatures, you can easily see familiar species such as unicorns, fairies, mermaids, etc. In addition, there are also “special hybrid” creatures that you have never seen before as elephants with butterfly wings. The deeper you go into this fairy world, the more you will discover the powerful sources of power hidden in those creatures. In particular, if you attend the regular events, you will receive more advanced creatures to bring back to your garden.

Discover the wonderland

On the journey to decipher the evil curse, you may have to cross the road full of evil witches. Every stage that you pass, you can receive gold, wood, and especially gems. Those are things that help you gain more equipment as well as the eggs of the special creatures. The higher the level, the more difficult the challenge will be, but the reward there is well worth it.

Merge Magic Gameplay

Build your fairy garden

When you dispel the dark mist of the curse, that’s when you realize your garden is more beautiful than ever. Colorful trees and mythical creatures will make the garden sparkling and fanciful. In addition, on that land itself, by merge creatures, you can create many buildings such as magnificent castles or countless houses with funny shapes. Those constructions are inhabited by magical creatures.

In addition, when overcome higher levels or participate in regular activities such as Xmas, Halloween, you will receive more advanced items. Accompanying it is no shortage of new and mysterious creatures. All will contribute to creating a magical paradise in your own garden.

Merge Magic Build


Graphics quality is also a remarkable point when playing Merge Magic!. Thoroughly invested 3D graphics bring the most vivid fantasy world to you. From mysterious creatures such as Butterphant (elephant butterflies), Peacat (cats combined with peacocks) or every flower, trees are blown soul to bring mysterious features that are extremely attractive.

Merge Magic! APK ([Free Shopping]) v4.0.0
Merge Magic! APK v4.0.0