MO: Astray 1.3.6

Rayark International Limited
NameMO: Astray
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PublisherRayark International Limited
Size406 MB
RequiresAndroid 6.0
MOD FeaturesNo

In the Android version, MO: Astray is edited and added a number of new features. Please download this game in this article.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about MO: Astray
    1. The story
    2. Create the journey you want
    3. Master the abilities of MO
    4. Subtle pixel art
  2. Download MO: Astray APK for android

    Introduce about MO: Astray

    MO: Astray is one of the very popular side-scrolling puzzle games on Steam. Thanks to the positive reviews from players, Rayark International Limited has released a new version for Android and IOS mobile platforms.

    The story

    MO: Astray revolves around an amorphous creature named MO. He has lost his memory, wakes up in a mysterious laboratory. As he walks out and learns about what happened, he finds himself trapped in an environment full of dangers.

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    Traps are arranged everywhere, the scenery is gloomy, desolate, and many parasites take over many people. Standing between the fragile boundaries of life and death, what must MO do to return home safely, and find solutions to these events?

    Create the journey you want

    In MO: Astray, you will explore the strange underworld as a MO – an amorphous creature with special skills. He is guided by the mysterious people in a strange voice. When that voice echoes in the MO’s mind, you can observe and gather information through the text lines displayed on the screen.

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    Essentially, this is a journey through mysterious labs and haunting alien locations. It is inhabited by parasitic organisms, foreign plants and people possessed by parasitic organisms (corpses). Of course, they tend to attack other living creatures, and specifically here is the MO character you are controlling.

    Use MO skills to overcome dangers by climbing cliffs, launch yourself through deep pools and dodge obstacles in his journey to discover the secret of his existence.

    Master the abilities of MO

    MO: Astray has a puzzle element, but if you have only good logic, it is not enough to win in this game. MO: Astray also contains elements of action and adventure, so you need to master controlling MO while know all his abilities.

    MO Astray screenshot

    In the version for the PC platform, the game has been updated with two new modes, Speed and Disaster.

    In Speed mode, your challenge is bound by short duration. Therefore, you need to search for optimal routes through areas to find an exit. This trick will help you set new records and overcome challenges more quickly. But the question is, what is the optimal route and how do I find it?

    In Disaster mode, you will have to practice lightning fast reflexes to survive in death labs. Your experience will be accompanied by new environmental disasters, pitfalls placed in more dangerous locations, monsters faster and smarter. Disaster elevates MO: Astray to a new level, challenging even the most veteran and skilled players.

    Subtle pixel art

    Undeniably, MO: Astray is built on the classic pixel graphics platform but it is full of charm. The background, images and background music of the game are meticulously designed and very consistent. This has created a mysterious space, giving a cold feeling when you are alone with a series of dangers.

    MO: Astray also includes soft background music. They are played automatically according to the context the player is experiencing.

    Download MO: Astray APK for android

    MO: Astray is currently available on Android and iOS for $ 4.99. However, you do not have to pay that amount, because we are providing the latest version APK file of this game for free. You can click on the link at the bottom of the article, follow the instructions to download and complete the MO: Astray installation on your Android device.

    Get ready for the journey to discover a terrain full of dangers with MO. Can you find the origin of MO?

    MO: Astray APK v1.3.2