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In the latest part of the My City series, a game called My City: New York APK, the children will be on a tour of New York City. Get it here!

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about My City: New York
    1. What’s new in the latest game of the My City series?
    2. Explore New York City through dozens of fun activities
    3. Impressive graphics, suitable for children
    4. Is My City: New York safe for children?
  2. Download My City: New York APK free for Android

    Introduce about My City: New York

    What’s new in the latest game of the My City series?

    Perhaps you are too familiar with the My City game series of My Town Games. In the previous articles, MODXP has introduced you to some games of this series such as My City: Wedding Party, My City: Animal Shelter. Each game brings many messages and meaningful lessons in life, helping children to easily play and absorb useful knowledge. If Animal Shelter teaches children how to love and protect animals, My City: New York offers children a free trip to New York, where children can have fun, create and explore the culture of the city.

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    Meet new characters such as the taxi driver, the police, the restaurant owner. Join them on the journey to discover New York City. You have the opportunity to visit famous landmarks, experience services in the city such as spas, restaurants, shopping malls. With simple gameplay, you can choose food, clothes, hair, and makeup for the character by touching and dragging the objects you want. The game allows you to customize everything. You can customize characters, change the weather, and time.

    The games in the My City series are all connected to each other, thereby helping parents control the content of games that children are exposed to every day.

    Explore New York City through dozens of fun activities

    Coming to New York, you cannot ignore the Statue of Liberty, one of the famous wonders in the world, the symbol of America. Children can explore interesting activities on the riverbank, watching the Statue of Liberty from the other side of the river. Tap the store to join a 9-piece jigsaw puzzle.

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    Explore Times Square, theaters, movie theaters, and shopping malls with just one touch. My City: New York also has a singing feature. When you are in the theater, you can interact and sing with the child singers. Your voice is saved for playing to everyone. This feature helps children to be more confident with their passion for singing. You can use games to help your child practice singing every day.

    Impressive graphics, suitable for children

    My City: New York has impressive 2D graphics with bright colors and cute characters. Because it is a game for children, it has many different colors, however, the colors are harmoniously coordinated, helping children feel relaxed during play.

    Is My City: New York safe for children?

    This is something that many parents are quite concerned about before deciding to download this game. MODXP can assure you that the My City game series is extremely kid-friendly. The game has pure content, with cute characters. There is no element of violence or negativity. The lessons in My City: New York all aim children towards positive things such as teaching children how to do good deeds, protecting animals, helping the elderly cross the street.

    My City New York APK for Android 1440x810

    You should let children play My City: New York in their spare time, helping children increase creativity, eager to learn and explore life around them. Of course, if you let your child play with the phone for many hours in a row, it is not good for their eyes. You should control your child’s playtime, about 30 minutes to an hour each day.

    Download My City: New York APK free for Android

    If you are looking for a game that will stimulate your child’s creativity and discovery, My City: New York is a perfect choice. There are hundreds of fun activities and content to explore. Through the characters’ stories, the game also helps children learn meaningful life lessons.

    My City: New York costs $ 2.99 on Google Play. You can consider downloading the APK file of the game for free via the link below.

    My City: New York APK v1.0.0