My Fantasy 1.7.9 (Unlimited Diamonds/Tickets)

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NameMy Fantasy
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RequiresAndroid 5.1
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My Fantasy MOD APK will immerse you into the world of the most intense love adventures. Get it now!

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about My Fantasy
    1. Why should you play instead of reading?
    2. You are the main character in this imaginary world
    3. Characters and love stories

Introduce about My Fantasy

Become a main character in the most romantic love stories

Why should you play instead of reading?

Reading stories has its own beauty. The way we can hold the thick book in our hand, smell the paper and study each word is priceless. However, it’s still someone else’s story anyway. No matter how sympathetic, the characters still have their own world that you can’t access.

That’s why, instead of reading, I’d like to play interactive novel games. Recently, i have found an interesting game with many love stories called My Fantasy, which promise to make your heart flutter. Are you ready to write your own story?

You are the main character in this imaginary world

Like many other interactive novel games, at each story in My Fantasy, you will become the lead character. Enjoy each moment, decide for yourself, and choose your own ending. Each story is a love with many ups and downs together with gentle, dark, tragedy and jealous events. The only similarity is the freedom and the opportunity for you to be true to yourself.

The level of “incarnation” into the character in My Fantasy is deeper than the novel games I’ve played. Specifically, you can choose your character, face, shape, and skin. Each time you start a story, you will continue to have the option of dressing up for special occasions depending on the situation. You can also play some interesting minigames and collect some cool things according to the character’s personality and interests. In other words, My Fantasy is a combination of interaction and simulation for us to go deeper into the world of the character. Play now and become the center of the story.

Characters and love stories

In My Fantasy, we have a feeling like reading lots of different novels. Each story follows a particular kind, a special setting and development. Various incarnations will take you from one state to another, sinking into different worlds. Always having new and poetic experience is the most obvious thing when playing this game.

For example, if you want to experience being a rising star on a reality show, you can go into the story “A million-dollar bachelorette”! The story is about the impossible mission falling from the sky. Your sister signed up for the popular TV show Bachelorette, but at the last minute, for personal reasons, she couldn’t show up and asked you to play instead.

At this point, everything had no sucks to you: being cheated on by your boyfriend, being fired from your job, arguing with your best friend… You were truly down on your luck, but the multimillion-dollar prize was incredibly attractive. In such a confusing mood, you still decided to participate even though you didn’t know what was waiting for you ahead.

The initial motivation was obviously for the money, but when the main character on the show appeared, you fell in love love again. Now you are determined to prove yourself worthy of him by a series of events on the show. Will true love finally come or is it just a fleeting emotion?

If this story isn’t satisfying enough, there’s also “Hired for pleasure” with a satire storyline. You’re just a normal girl, having an awful date with an unbearable guy at the bowling alley. Just when you are looking for the politest way to escape, Aiden, a nice guy, appears and gives you a “buoy” at the right time. Both of you now love at the first sight, and you don’t want to stop your feelings that night. Rushing to work the next morning after a memorable day, you realize your new boss is Aiden. What will happen next? Will that budding love finally success or break before beginning?

If you like something unusual, mysterious and a bit bitter, then you can try “Make Me Yours”. It takes you to a completely different world. You are the girl who is very afraid of other people controlling her life. The other is a guy who is scared to fall in love because of something in the past. But when you two meet and fall in love again, a seductive race takes place. What will you do to slowly come together with a sincere love instead of temporary emotions?

My Fantasy APK ([Diamonds/Tickets]) v1.7.9
My Fantasy APK v1.7.9