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Novelize MOD APK is an interactive novel game through visuals and story progression by Tortuga. Download it now!

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Novelize
    1. What is Novelize?
    2. What will you do in stories?
    3. You can do whatever you want, not just choose

Introduce about Novelize

Write your own novel 

What is Novelize?

Novelize is an interactive novel game through visuals and story progression. You will in turn make choices of your liking in the situations suggested by the game and choose the ending yourself. You can write your own novel with no difficulty or complication at all. It is very easy to understand and easy to play.

Novelize has a lot of stories of different genres: Fiction, Romance, Horror, Adventure, Detective, Supernatural, Mythology, Art… The game is not only for women. Everyone can find their favorite type of novel as there are dozens of things to choose from, like fiction, history, and legend… As long as you love novels, this game is for you.

What will you do in stories?

Of course, you will fall into a completely different world, in which you are the main character. Whether you are a man or a woman, all the events and developments in the story will revolve around you. You will make things go the way you want through choices.

First, you will choose your appearance, then enter relationships that become increasingly deep and complex, then open up big and small knots. Things will get more thrilling as you meet attractive people of the opposite sex and embark on an emotional adventure. Of course, if you choose heavy genres such as Detective or Fiction, the romance index will be much lower than the Romance genres. But according to the comments about the game, in every novel of the game, there is at least one love story. So, if you are afraid of the heavy genres above, don’t worry.

Now comes the most important part. Throughout the story, you will make a lot of choices. There are not many options for the answer. There are only two options, most of which represent types of Yes/ No. But there will be so many situations for you to give such answers, and they all push you to different endings for the story.

And you can try to be 100% true to yourself or live with what you think you should do. Anything is fine because there is no right/ wrong here, only choosing and accepting what you choose.

You can do whatever you want, not just choose

Do you want to do more than just follow a story and make choices from start to finish? I mean things that you really want to do but outside conditions do not allow.

Let me give an example of the story of Cinderella.

In Cinderella, you have always dreamed of becoming a designer. But life brings too many obstacles and harsh realities. You can make a part of your dream come true: choose, mix, and change the shape of a series of lovely outfits; change hairstyle; choose makeup for the character. And finally, you can see the success of the girl on her career path.

Or an example of the story of the Chronicle of Altea. In this story, you will transform into a princess who uncovers a great conspiracy and then regains the throne that belongs to her. In here, you will once turn into the brave and perfect princess you dreamed of in your childhood. You can wear neat, personal but no less gorgeous costumes, fulfilling your dream of being a beautiful woman with personality and full of the noblest qualities. 

You see, you can completely fulfill your dream in Novelize.

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