Perfect Slices 1.4.3 (Unlimited Money)

NamePerfect Slices
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Size54 MB
RequiresAndroid 4.4
Version1.4.3 (build 43)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money

Your chef is in need of ingredients for soup. However, tomatoes, eggplants, onions are still intact and need someone to cut them into slices. As a novice,

Table of contents
  1. Introduce abut Perfect Slices
    1. Gameplay
    2. Overcoming obstacles
    3. More than 200 levels
    4. Unlock items

Introduce abut Perfect Slices

The simulation game of the publisher SayGames has quickly attracted the attention of players around the globe. Besides VOODOO, their games are also very popular with simple but challenging gameplay. There is no plot, these games are suitable if you want a fast entertainment in minutes. Some games I can mention including Jelly Shift MOD, Sand Ball or Train Taxi MOD.


With simple gameplay, most SayGames games can be controlled with just one finger. Perfect Slices has similar gameplay to Fruit Ninja – one of the most popular games on smartphone devices a few years ago. Instead of swiping the screen and cutting fruits in the air, the fruits in this game move along a conveyor belt. Touch the screen correctly to create perfect slices, a simple thing but not everyone can do.

Behind the beautiful slices is the chef’s tireless training days. Playing with a knife is a dangerous job. If they cannot keep their concentration, they may damage their food or even get hurt.

Overcoming obstacles

The truth is, but SayGames also knows how to make it difficult for you. Conveyor belt does not move at a fixed speed, it will be faster depending on the level. There are many obstacles to a variety of food. Your knife can cut fruit easily, but not metal. If you slash at it, the knife can be broken and you must play again from the beginning.

A high score is the target of the player in this game. By having good control of your knife, you can do anything. Besides, Perfect Slices has many unique tasks for each level. A dish does not need all the ingredients. A chef knows how many tomatoes, onions they need. Your task is to provide the chef with the required ingredients. The number of fruits and vegetables on the conveyor belt is limited, if you do not complete the required number, you will be fired.

More than 200 levels

The key to this game is the moment you touch the screen. Correct touches help you make a perfect slice. Currently, Perfect Slices has more than 200 challenging levels for you. After some levels, the bonus level will appear. You cut a lot of gold coins on the transmission, burning it to create coins – the main currency of the game. The gameplay is simple and repeatable, but the game does not make you bored. Each level has many challenges and new things.

Unlock items

Knives and vegetables are two things you can unlock while playing Perfect Slices. Knives can be unlocked with coins and diamonds. Currently, the game has 18 different types of knives, divided into three categories: Common, Rare and Epic. Opening a lucky chest is also a way for you to own rare knives. In fact, an expensive knife does not help you play this game better. It only increases the aesthetics and changes the player’s experience. Vegetables and food do not require you to unlock them with money, it is automatically changed after every 10 levels you complete.

Perfect Slices APK v1.4.3
Perfect Slices APK (MOD Money) v1.4.3