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Version0.7.9 (build 18)
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Table of contents
  1. Introduce about PROJECT Anomaly
    1. Gameplay
    2. Soldier units
    3. Topographic factors
    4. Support
  2. Download PROJECT Anomaly APK for Android

    Introduce about PROJECT Anomaly

    PROJECT Anomaly is a newly released turn-based strategy game. Here, you can show off your thinking ability to capture enemy bases, building up the most powerful private military empire.

    However, the journey to the top of glory in PROJECT Anomaly has many obstacles. Because you have to face to other online players from many different countries.


    PROJECT Anomaly is a strategy game with a military theme. Its gameplay is also not very complicated, as it follows the elements of the turn-based gameplay.

    PROJECT Anomaly for android

    In general, when a battle begins, you will select actions for all members of the force. Then press end-turn to see the results.

    Each character can move or perform other actions twice, before aiming. And depending on each type of soldier unit, you need to select them the right positions to achieve the best combat status.

    After all, when the forces of either team are completely destroyed, the battle ends with a reward for the survivor.

    And as I have introduced, PROJECT Anomaly is an online strategy game. Although this is quite interesting, for the newbies, it is really something to worry about with their level and understanding. The developer doesn’t really want their players to be in such a situation, so they’ve designed a whole series of training missions, with the goal of helping players grasp the character and how the game works.

    When participating in the series of training missions, you can know that PROJECT Anomaly is so tactical that one wrong move costs your life. This is also understandable, because you move openly, and will be detected and attacked by the enemy.

    Soldier units

    As you play, you will see PROJECT Anomaly providing you with three units of soldiers, including Assaulter, Snipper and Scout. Of course, each has a different role and style of fighting on the battlefield. You need to understand their fighting style to create reasonable tactics, to defeat the enemy.

    PROJECT Anomaly gameplay

    Snipper can attack from a long distance. He should be in a position to shoot down enemies from afar, while also safe from enemy attacks.

    Assaulter and Scout have a narrower attack distance, so you have to choose for them close positions, easily ambush enemies. This feature makes them powerful warriors but is also easily attacked if you fall into the enemy’s trap. Also, one thing you should know is that Scout can move further than Assaulter.

    In general, there are many other units left and they may be unlocked in the future. Personal stats system allows you to read and analyze the pros and cons of each type of soldier. Moreover, you can also upgrade them to have better effect on the battlefield.

    Topographic factors

    Topographic is an important factor that you should keep in mind when figuring out a strategy for a battle. If you know, the map has many hidden locations that make it easy for your units to cover each other, you will immediately think of choosing Assaulter and Snipper. On the other hand, if the map is larger, Scout is the perfect replacement for Assaulter, as they can move further to find a better and safer attack position.

    PROJECT Anomaly APK


    While fighting, sometimes you can get pushed into a dire situation by the enemy. In that situation, you should use supports such as strengthening your defense, increase health and combat strength.

    These supports can also be upgraded. At the main screen, you choose Base – personal military base. There are areas such as the command center (Command Center), the medical center, the arsenal, the barracks, and the manufacturing workshop. And in this part, we’re only concerned with the medical center. You upgrade the medical center to bring more defense and health to military units on the battlefield. This process consumes a lot of resources, and it is tied to the Command Center. You will have to upgrade the Command Center first to be licensed to upgrade to other areas.

    Download PROJECT Anomaly APK for Android

    PROJECT Anomaly will soon make those who love the tactical genre feel satisfied. Fierce wars, a place for talented and brave military men from all over the world. If you love war games, this is the game you should not miss.

    PROJECT Anomaly APK v0.7.9