Roll The Ball 21.0827.00 (Unlimited Hints, No Ads)

NameRoll The Ball
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Size53 MB
RequiresAndroid 4.4
Version21.0827.00 (build 562)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Hints, No Ads

Roll The Ball (MOD Unlimited Hints) is an interesting puzzle game which you have to spend hours playing after downloading the game.

Table of contents
  1. About Roll The Ball
    1. Easy to play
    2. Many challenging modes
  2. MOD APK version of Roll The Ball
    1. MOD Features
  3. Download Roll The Ball MOD APK for Android

    About Roll The Ball

    Puzzle games are always interesting in my eyes. They have something mysterious, attractive and extremely fun. When playing puzzle games, I often draw the lesson and the thinking skills for myself.

    roll the ball slide puzzle begin

    A mobile puzzle game, with simple gameplay and beautiful graphics. With challenging levels ranging from easy to difficult, Roll The Ball will definitely get you thinking. If you are not a person who likes to think, do not read anymore …

    Easy to play

    In my opinion, Roll The Ball is also the task of players when participating in this game. Tell it more scientifically, when you join Roll The Ball, you will have to arrange the blocks to form a seamless pipe by moving blocks up or down, left or right that the ball can roll to the goal without difficulty (usually a red block).

    roll the ball slide puzzle

    Each stage is usually divided into a panel of 12 square blocks, consisting of blocks that are part of the pipe, and another part is empty. Initially, the difficulty of the game is only at the basic level to help players get acquainted, as the difficulty gradually increased and Roll The Ball really hack the brain.

    roll the ball slide puzzle 3

    Many challenging modes

    The game is not just about the rolling, the publisher is also cleverly dividing into different modes of play including Star Mode, Classic Mode, Moving Mode, Rotation Mode.

    In Star Mode, the player only encounters simple and easy quests, without time counts and movement count. Complete a stage you will get 3 stars.

    Classic Mode is similar to Star Mode, except that each level will have additional requirements and only when complete these requirements will you get enough stars.

    Moving Mode is extremely difficult, requiring the ability to think quickly and smart hands. The ball in this mode will move, and you must quickly move the water pipes while the ball rolls over the screen. One note is that in order to unlock this mode, you must have enough stars requirements (collect 2 modes above).

    Rotation Mode is the same as Moving Mode, but the water tube can be rotated so it is easy to play.

    roll the ball slide puzzle 2

    MOD APK version of Roll The Ball

    The game contains some ads inside, this is understandable because most games have that, right?

    MOD Features

    • Unlimited Hints
    • No Ads

    Download Roll The Ball MOD APK for Android

    It can be said, Roll The Ball is a very interesting puzzle game and suitable for all ages. It’s not a game for the hurry people. Sit back and sip a cup of tea or a cup of coffee at a familiar corner, and let all things sideways. Now, your job is to get ready to get through the toughest levels in Roll The Ball.

    You can download the game completely free through the link below, the game is quite light so download also fast.

    Roll The Ball APK v21.0827.00
    Roll The Ball APK (MOD Hints) v21.0827.00